Chromebooks are finally in the classroom

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By: Caroline McMullan, Editor-in-Chief
On Friday, September 16, 2016 Chromebooks were finally distributed at James River for the 2016-2017 school year. The almost three hour first period had students lined up through the gym  waiting to get their Chromebook. If you have not gotten your Chromebook yet, turn in your Media Agreement form, pay your $50 fee, and go to the Help Center from 8 am to 9:15 to get your Chromebook and charger this week.


Chromebooks cause confusion

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By: Julie Hutchison, Staff Writer

Starting the 2014-15 school year Chesterfield County Public Schools starting distributing Chromebooks to all middle school students. This year, CCPS gave all middle and high school students chromebooks. Since then, many students around the county have experienced many difficulties accessing websites to help with their schoolwork.

“There are so many blocked websites and it feels like every website I try to use is blocked,” freshman Madison Pierpont said.

The county denies access to many websites that students could use resourcefully to complete assignments teachers give them.

“I was working on an English research paper and when I tried going onto the CCPS library website to find facts it was blocked. Why would the county block a website that it created?” Pierpont said.

Freshman Madison Pierpont experiences the county library’s website being blocked on her Chromebook. Photo by Julie Hutchison

English teacher Carolyn Schmitt   has had many problems with them Chromebooks as well. She experienced an issue where the PTSA website made by the county blocked students from accessing it, when there was an essay prompt they needed to use for a contest on the website.

“The only reason I could think of is that there were some topics that the parents didn’t want seen by the students,” Schmitt said.

Blocked websites aren’t the only problems the Chromebooks seem to be having.  On November 15th, all of the student’s accounts were disabled and no one was able to get onto their Chromebooks to do work.

For some students that might not have been a problem because they had other computers they could use to access their assignments, but other students who fully rely on the Chromebooks for school and homework were out of luck.

The problem was said to be fixed by November 16th but many students still struggled with issues until the 18th.

Many students experience an chromebook issue earlier this year. This page showed up when students would try to log on and denied them access to their accounts. Photo by Julie Hutchinson