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Dashing to the Winter Revels Concert

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By Cana Wilson, Staff Writer

The chorus, orchestra, band, theater and guitar groups are getting together on Thursday, December 11th at 7 pm to perform their annual Winter Revels Concert in the theater.

The performing arts teachers have been doing the concert for seven years and both the students and the teachers enjoy seeing each other perform.

“We do the Revels concert to give our Performing Arts students a chance to both see each other perform and to collaborate on a performance–each group performs pieces on their own and then combine for a couple of pieces at the end of the concert. It is also good to have audience members who typically only go to one type of concert (band, for example) get a chance to see what the other performing arts programs are doing,” said Mr. Harris, Director of Orchestra and Guitar.

The teachers have been working very hard with their students in order to prepare for the concert.

“Honors Students had to write their [skits] by December 1st. Then we discussed them in regards to the audience we will have at Revels. They revised and practiced. We will rehearse them on stage this week in preparation for the concert,” said Mrs. Oyler, theater director.

You can come out and support your fellow classmates at 7 pm on Thursday for only $2.