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Graduation details available to seniors

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By: Dylan Lepore,  Staff Writer

With only 132 days till graduation, seniors can’t be more excited to finally graduate to the next step. This guide of information will help seniors walk the stage of the VCU Siegel Center.

The number one thing senior need to be aware of is the finalized date for graduation, Wednesday, June 7th at 7:00 pm at VCU’s Siegel Center. Cap and gowns do need to be ordered as soon as possible. James River will not allow students who do not have a cap and gown to participate in the ceremony and this may cause a student’s diploma to be postponed.

Senior and library fees need to be paid to graduate. Also, absences and tardies for Final Exam exemptions start counting on Monday, January 2 for the second semester. To find more information about finishing payments on your class dues, see your first period teacher.

As always for any further help in the graduation process ask your Senior Class Officers, physics teacher Ms. Wilt or social studies teacher Mr. Addison. In addition, the counselors are always there to help.
In other senior news, visit the Yearbook room at 1323 or email for questions, updated information, and information about senior ads. Continue to send in baby and senior pictures to  for the senior slide show at the end of the year.


Winter Exam Schedule Guide

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By: Dylan Lepore, Staff Writer

The first semester is ending and the end of 2016 is coming, but before we celebrate the holidays and the New Year, there is work to be done. Exams are the thing between you and those sweet Christmas cookies. This guide is going to help you understand the exam schedule. (For seniors exemptions skip down)

The Schedule

  • Monday, December 12th is a regular school day
  • Tuesday, December 13th is 2nd-period odd exam – full day(tech center students leave at 8:25)
  • Wednesday, December 14th are 1st and 2nd even exams – dismissal at 11:25 (tech center students have to find a ride home after their 1st-period exam or they can sit in ISD until the buses come)
  • Thursday, December 15th are  3rd and 4th odd exams – dismissal at 11:25 (odd day tech center exams – students leave for tech at 7:25)
  • Friday, December 16th are 3rd and 4th even exams – dismissal at 11:25 (even day tech center exams – Students leave for tech at 7:25)

Make-ups need to be pre-arranged by Friday, December 9th at 2:30pm.

Senior Exemptions and dates

Seniors should be notified by their teacher if they are exempt from a midterm no later than Thursday, December 8th, and Friday, December 9th. Seniors must have a B or above in the class they want to be exempted from and no more than five absences in first period and no more than three in all other periods.

Seniors do not have to be here on Monday, but for students that will be here, there will be review activities for their exams. All underclassmen are expected to be here for the entire week. Students are not allowed to leave during exams, even if they end up finishing the exam or have a pass to leave they must stay for respect of the other test takers.

For more info, click here.

James River hosts annual senior night

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By: Cana Wilson, Design Editor 2016-2017
On Wednesday, June 1st, the seniors of the 2015-2016 school year were celebrated from 7 to 9 p.m. Family, friends, and faculty gathered together in the Theatre where superlatives and other prizes were awarded, as well as student performances. Many teachers presented slide shows with words of encouragement and gratitude towards their students. Afterwards, food and beverages were provided in the closed commons where students and faculty congratulated each other and celebrated the end of their senior year.

Apply for scholarships

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By: Corinne Minnick, News Editor 2016-2017

For seniors the time to start applying for scholarships is rapidly approaching. There are many scholarships seniors are able to sign up for. Check out The 2016 James River Scholarship Ripple at to see some options. Pick up applications in the College and Career Center; the cost per transcript is three dollars.

Buy your prom tickets now

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By: Aidan Minnick, Staff Writer

Prom tickets have been on sale since last Thursday, April 14th. If your student dues have been paid and you have no library fines, just show up to room 1224 at lunch and buy your tickets from Mr. Joyner. Just make sure that you paid your fines and dues. Prom is on Saturday, May 14th, at the Thalhimer Pavilion at the Science Museum of Virginia, and goes on from seven to 11 o’clock.  It will be a retro rock and roll 1950s theme, so buy your tickets now.

A Marilyn Monroe poster shows a retro, rock 1950s theme, with a flyer giving details about prom. Photo by Aidan Minnick

Seniors show off their talent, say goodbye

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By: Meg Carroll, Staff Writer

On the evening of May 27th in the James River Theatre, the seniors’ accomplishments were celebrated by a night spent presenting superlatives, enjoying various acts, and the symbolic passing of the gavel from one president to the next.

The James River Drum Line started the evening off with a bang and soon followed the Senior Class of 2015. Senior Class Officers, President Benjamin Caracciolo, Vice President Kathryn Thompson, Secretary Emily Marcy, Treasurer Jennifer Foliaco, Historian Kelli Rieck, and Public Relations Officer James Childress hosted the evening. They had the honor of representing the 2015 Senior Class and recognized seniors by awarding them their superlatives.

The transformations of the Senior Class were shown in a sentimental slideshow which contained photos of the seniors when they were children to now. Along with the slideshow, there were many creative acts during which seniors displayed their talents by singing or playing instruments.

2015’s Senior Class Sponsors, Ms. Bishop and Ms. Morris, were recognized and thanked with gifts for their hard work and dedication.

Near the close of the evening, President Benjamin Caracciolo passed the gavel to the newly elected President Danny McCabe. Speaking for the first time as President, McCabe encouraged the seniors and was positive about the future of James River High School.

The graduating class of 2015 will always be remembered and memories will be cherished. Good luck in the future, Class of 2015. Take a look at our photo gallery below!

This senior drummed away as his band played on Senior Night.  Photo by: Rachel Lybolt
This senior drummed away as his band played on Senior Night.
Photo by: Rachel Lybolt
senior night 2
True talent was shown on Senior Night as some of the graduating class performed. Photo by: Rachel Lybolt
senior night 3
Some seniors sang Ingrid Michaelson’s catchy song, “You and I.” Photo by: Rachel Lybolt

A Night of Stars

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By: Melissa Rau, Staff Writer

Many James River High upperclassman girls might agree that the most stressful yet magical event of the school year is the evening that occurs every May: prom.

This year, our school’s prom took place on Saturday, May 16th at the Greater Richmond Convention Center from 7-11 pm. The dance was themed “Galaxy- A Night of Stars,” and featured a large ballroom decorated with lights, stars, and balloons.

Music for the evening was provided by the Mid Atlantic Professional DJ Association. Also provided for the guests were refreshments, including punch, cookies, and a candy bar. A photo booth was available for attendees to use, in addition to a photographer roaming around the dance and snapping candid shots.

After seniors participated in nomination and voting processes in weeks prior, seniors Benjamin Caracciolo and Camryn Fitzgerald were crowned as this year’s Prom King and Queen.

This night would not have been a success without the efforts of Mr. Joyner, Mr. Ellick, the administrative staff, faculty, and Junior Class Council. Check out some photos below!

A group of James River students are all smiles before heading to prom. Photo By: Lisa Fairfield
A group of James River students are all smiles before heading to prom.
Photo By: Lisa Fairfield
These seniors pose outside soon before making their way to the Richmond Convention Center. Photo By: Chris Behrens
These seniors pose outside soon before making their way to the Richmond Convention Center.
Photo By: Chris Behrens
Some juniors are ready in their ties and dresses for a night of stars. Photo By: Kerri Dryden
Some juniors are ready in their ties and dresses for a night of stars.
Photo By: Kerri Dryden