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First Open Mic held Friday

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By Eva Dorn, Online Editor
The first Open Mic of the school year is tomorrow, Friday, October 7th during both lunch periods. It will be held in the senior courtyard. Brendam Finnie and Brian Penstoch will be performing an original song, while Najee Chamber and Nymena Davis will be dancing. Brenan Williams will playing the piano. Matthew Knesal will sing. Tavian McFarland, Ethan Cook, and Chase Brown will singing “Little Things” by One Direction. Alex Hogge will be singing and playing the guitar. Make sure to head to Open Mic tomorrow to hear and see this lineup sponsored by the Peer Facilitators.


Students given opportunity to showcase talents

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By Karla Llano Reyes, Staff Writer

James River is looking for more ways to make school fun this year, and the Open Mic event is one of them.The open mic is an event that happens twice a semester where students get to show their talents.

The peer facilitators are in charge of running and promoting this event.

“We [make] and [post] posters, flyers, and announcements,” said junior Mary Rose Philipoom, a peer facilitator.

They are also in charge of setting up everything that is needed for the performers; the peer facilitators involved all have specific tasks.

“We assign at least one person to man the mic and host it, and one person has the essential task of manning the clipboard,” said Philipoom.

All the performers are limited to five minutes to perform in the senior courtyard during lunch.

“What I really like is that students are supportive, which really shows what kind of school we are,” said Wallace Dietz, the peer facilitators’ sponsor.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in this event, see Mr. Dietz in the counseling office. The next Open Mic is Thursday, December 11th during ONE lunch.