Chromebooks are finally in the classroom

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By: Caroline McMullan, Editor-in-Chief
On Friday, September 16, 2016 Chromebooks were finally distributed at James River for the 2016-2017 school year. The almost three hour first period had students lined up through the gym  waiting to get their Chromebook. If you have not gotten your Chromebook yet, turn in your Media Agreement form, pay your $50 fee, and go to the Help Center from 8 am to 9:15 to get your Chromebook and charger this week.


Opinion: Should students be studying or sledding on snow days?

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By: Amanda Wallace, Staff Writer

Middle school students and high school students have received Chromebooks this year, in hopes of furthering our education online and accessing our school work easier. Since we have these computers Chesterfield County is now saying that they will be assigning us homework on snow days.

According to Broad Band Services, Verizon Fios has the best Wi Fi access and fastest service, but that can be up to $29.99 per month and that’s $359 per year, according to Verizon. A lot of families in Chesterfield County are on a tight budget and don’t have that type of money to pay.    

Chesterfield County had no school January 22nd through the 27th and had a two hour delay January 28th and 29th due to snow. Chesterfield county has five built in snow days, and we have 10 “max out” days. If we miss 10 school days we don’t have to makeup any school, but anything under 10 days we do.  

Teachers not assigning homework on snow days saves a lot of stress on students and teachers. As a student we always worry about the turn in date of when an assignment is due. If we lose power we don’t have the ability to turn it in on time.  

Chesterfield County has also partnered up with Panera, McDonalds, and Barnes and Noble so students may use their Wi Fi and work in their without having to purchase something from the store. But if the roads are so bad that we can not go to school, how will those students be able to get to those places and be able to work on their assignments?    

“I was assigned a ridiculous amount of work, and my Wi Fi at home was iffy so I had to re-submit multiple assignments and it was so much extra stress… I don’t think it’s fair,” freshmen  Kylea White said.   

Students who do not have access to Wi Fi at home would have to attempt to go through these conditions to reach Wi Fi. It’s not safe and not easy to travel through these conditions. Photo by Amanda Wallace.

On the other hand, these snow days we had caused us to miss almost a full week of school. It wasn’t just a regular school week; it was the last week we had of the second nine weeks.

Teachers were trying to give their students work to make sure they could get the best possible outcome for this nine weeks and so that students could come out with the best possible grade. Having more grades in gives students a better shot because more numbers are averaged and one bad grade will not affect your grade as heavily.  

Teachers have the whole year planned out and each class planned out, so if we are out of school that day they will assign the work for us to do at home so we stay on schedule. They don’t want the students to get off pace and have to re-teach the curriculum of last class. We want to continue going forward not backtracking.   

Solutions to this problem could be adding on extra time to the school days, or shortening lunch that way students and teachers have enough time to teach the curriculum the way it should be. It might not be the students favorite idea, but logically it’s the best all around and would keep us caught up.

Since we have built in snow days to our school year, and some students don’t have Wi Fi access at home, it’s unreasonable and in some cases incapable for students to be assigned new work on snow days. It would put students and teachers in a bad situation when we can easily make up the work when we get back to school. If teachers want students to have the best grade outcome and quality work, then snow day assignments might not be the thing.