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Enter your photo to Rapids branch

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By: Karla Reyes, Staff Writer

This month the Federal Credit Union is having a photo contest.The contest “Capture Your Favorite Spot” purpose is to take a black and white picture of any landscape in Richmond or Chesterfield. The pictures should exclude people and it must be submitted to the link below by Friday, April 29th.

The Federal Credit Union has students who work there decide on this contest.

“The student employees of the credit union came up with this idea,”  Federal Credit Union sponsor Rose Malone said.

This contest was organized by the staff. The employees in the Credit Union wanted the branch to look different.

“As a new branch, the location lacks something, the student workers decided that artwork would greatly improve the appearance of the branch,” Malone said.

There are many students who can participate in this contest but there will be only a few winners.

“All entries will be considered,” Malone said. “Due to space limitations, probably three photos will be chosen.”

The winning photos will be determined by the Federal Credit Union staff.

“The administrative staff of Chesterfield Federal Credit Union will make the final call. The students decided that the Credit Union Branch needed artwork of a timeless nature,” Malone said.
You can submit your picture through  The deadline for submissions are this Friday.


A month to celebrate art

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By: Corinne Minnick. Online Copy Editor

March is Youth Art Month; it is a month for supporting art and art education in America.  Students are encouraged  to express their creativity through drawing, sculpting, painting and more. There will be an art gallery during lunch next week here at James River in honor of Youth Art Month.

Art students have come up with a creative way to spread the news about this month.

“We created Youth Art Month buttons for teachers and faculty to wear this month,” art teacher Anne Constanzer said.

All the buttons are different and the art students had a lot of fun making them.

“I think they are great visual displays. It the best way for us to recognize Youth Art Month and it’s wonderful that we can see teachers and faculty wearing the buttons we made,” Constanzer said.

The art department came up with several fun activities for students interested in art.

“For Youth Art Month we are creating a gallery during lunch. Originally we had it scheduled during ONE lunch, but since that was taken away, we will be doing it next week. The NAHS students will be bringing in their artwork. We have also contributed to the Suntrust Youth Art Month show,” Constanzer said.  

The art teachers have even had other teachers help inspire students through art as well.

“We have a big display when you first walk into the school, and all the teachers in the school contributed art, whether it’s photography, or graphics, or drawings. We did that in hopes that students will be inspired by it and and just know that art is involved in our everyday lives. It can be translated to math and science and they can see that, appreciate it, and celebrate it,” Constanzer said.
Be sure to check out the art gallery at lunch next week, and don’t forget to take a minute to appreciate art this month.

Looking ahead: James River artist Olivia Marino discusses her future in art

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By: Eva Dorn, Staff Writer

       Standing a little bit above five feet with long brown hair in an understated flannel, senior Olivia Marino is a quite extraordinary student at James River High. For starters she is the president of James River’s NAHS or National Art Honors Society.

“Two of my biggest passions are art and community service, and with NAHS I can bring the two together,”Marino said.

 Among Marino’s accomplishments, she has been accepted to the Savannah College of Art and Design.In addition,her artwork has been displayed at the Chesterfield County Festival of Fine Arts consecutively in the past two years.

  Art has always been a big part of Marino’s life, but she didn’t start pursuing art seriously until her freshman year of high school. Marino is currently a student in art teacher Toussaint Manley’s 3D Design Three class. She also takes Graphic Arts One.

“Mr.Manley inspired me to be committed to my art,” Marino said.

Taking Mr.Manley’s class has been a positive experience for Marino. It has been an experience to help her to learn and grow with her art.

 “I’m inspired by my peers in art class, and they challenge me to be a better artist,” Marino said.

 Marino has created many pieces of art in Mr. Manley’s class and in graphic arts, one of her personal favorites is The  Glass Converse. The piece is a modern take on a Cinderella shoe which she had to do for a class assignment.

   “The Glass Converse is really personal to me because it represents me as a little girl and myself now,” Morino said.

Marino works on her latest piece of art in 3D Design class. Photo by Eva Dorn

  Morino has created many other meaningful pieces of art. Marino’s Car Radio inspired by the Twenty One Pilots song is another one of Marino’s personal favorites. She has also made several graphic pieces.

  “Olivia is a very detail oriented artist. Her artistic process is amazing because she puts so much thought into her work,” Manley said.

   Marino plans to pursue her art after high school. At the moment she is uncertain whether she will attend SCAD. However, there are a couple of colleges she is also looking into.

  “I plan to study graphic art, crafting or art education. I would like to go to James Madison University or Virginia Commonwealth University,” Marino said.

Whether Marino goes to SCAD, VCU or JMU, she plans to continue pursuing her art. She is not yet sure if she wants to pigeonhole her self into an art related career,but she is certain whatever she will do it will relate to art.

“Whatever I do I will remain in touch with my art whether it’s professional or personal,” Marino said.


Chesterfield County presents artwork to public

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By: Kayla Kirk, Staff Writer

On Saturday, April 25th and Sunday, April 26th, Cosby High School hosted the Chesterfield Fine Arts Festival that showcased visual and performing arts from all 63 schools in the county. The Festival featured paintings, drawings, sculptures and other visual arts; also, three stages were set up for the Jazz bands, Improv Comedy groups, fiddlers, drummers and other performing arts.

“It was a huge success; a lot of kids that normally don’t get recognized for their artwork were praised over the weekend. We have an amazing art staff and amazing art students at our school,” Art 1 and 3D design 1 & 2 teacher Toussaint Manley said.

Just one of the many outstanding art pieces representing James River at the Chesterfield Fine Arts Festival.
Just one of the many outstanding art pieces representing James River at the Chesterfield Fine Arts Festival.

At the festival, the atmosphere felt very lively with the set ups of artwork from all the schools that were uplifting and colorful. People of all ages attended, which resulted in it being slightly hard to go from display to display, but it was still enjoyable regardless of that. Everyone was allowed to come since the festival was free and the community to came and examined the arts of Chesterfield County.

Etcetera literary magazine requesting submissions

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By: Kayla Kirk, Staff Writer

The literary magazine Etcetera is an opportunity for all unrecognized artists and writers to showcase their talents. Until December 18th, submissions of creative nonfiction, short stories, songs, novel excerpts, screenplay excerpts, memoirs and poetry will be accepted. This is a great chance for publication clips for college, job applications, possible extra credit, and recognition of students pieces and or artwork.

“There are no length requirements, but we ask that students keep excerpts to a few pages,” said Mrs.Hancock, English 10 and Creative Writing teacher. “Additionally, submissions should be typed and include a heading with their name, grade, first period teacher, and the genre of the piece. Submissions should be e-mailed to”

In order to completely submit work for the literary magazine, students must head to room 1236 to pick up a permission slip and return it to the folder located in the room. For the art submissions, artists will need to go to 1313 to have their submission photographed by Mr. Manley, the art sponsor. The focus of the magazine is creative or artistic pieces.

“The literary magazine is meant to be a creative endeavor, so as long as their submission is creative, they are free to submit it. More formal research papers would probably not fit the creative intent.” said Mrs.Hancock.

Etcetera usually contains 10-30 pieces of both art and writing. Students will be informed in the spring if their piece and/or artwork has been accepted.

Scholastic awards provide recognition for young artists

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By Mac Todd, Staff Writer

Calling all artists! The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is coming up, which means that if you want people to see your art or writing, you must get working. The deadline is December 17th at midnight, so all work should be turned in to any of the art teachers.

In the past, James River has had very little recognition in the awards for their creative spirit, and this is the year to change that. One can submit photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, fashion design, digital media, multimedia, and writing.

It doesn’t even have to be what’s made in class. One can go home and create something too. Every winner that’s been spoken to about their experience says that “what you wouldn’t expect to win, will win,” so even what you don’t see as your best work could be what the judges love the most.

Jessica Bauserman, former Regional Director for the awards at the VMFA gives potential entrants some words of wisdom: “Apply and regardless if you win an award, consider it an achievement that you took the initiative to try,” she said. “Submit a lot, you never know who will be judging the works.”

Regional Gold Key winners will move on to the national level. They will be judged in February for a chance to attend an awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York City where a celebrity, revealed only at the ceremony, will speak to the honorees. A number of notable people have spoken such as: Meryl Streep, Zac Posen, Nick Cannon, and many others.

The nationally recognized artworks will be exhibited at The New School in Manhattan, where it will move throughout the country into some of the greatest universities, organizations, and government buildings.

The honor of winning one of these prestigious awards is much greater than the rewards of it. Talk to your art teachers for more details.