Stories in this category include the senior service capstones and various events offered by James River High School Leadership and International Relations program. If you click this category (either at the end of an article or on our right side bar), all our Leadership stories will be visible.


Curious about this? Want to learn more? More information about the school’s Leadership program is below.

James River High School is the home of Chesterfield County’s Leadership and International Relations specialty school. Each student applies to this program in the eighth grade.

According to our school website, the Leadership program’s goals are:

“This mission will be achieved through an engaged and in-depth study of the history and theories of leadership, how leadership varies across contexts and constituencies, the development of essential leadership competencies and skills, and topics and issues in international relations.  Recognizing that learning is active, not passive, the students in the Center will participate in interactive and experiential learning opportunities, encouraging self-understanding and personal growth.

The goals of the program are to

  • Instill in students an understanding and a passion for leadership that positively impacts their community and their future.
  • Increase the knowledge and develop the leadership skills necessary for students to be successful in leadership roles.
  • Develop knowledgeable citizens who understand the role and impact of international relations on the well being of our society and the global community.
  • Provide students an academically challenging and stimulating course of study.
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for learning and application of knowledge and skills.”

If you see a story with this tag, it refers to the program and its activities, including profiles of senior “capstone” projects, which are a Leadership program graduation project where students work to solve problems in our school and surrounding community.