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2016-2017 Club List

Curriculum Based Clubs: Sponsor

ACS Chemistry Club, Mrs. Brunyansky/Mr. Edwards

Art Guild, Mrs. Duvall

DECA, Mrs. Baird, Mrs. Sprately, Walker

Drama Club, Mrs. Oyler

FBLA, Ms. Malone/Mrs. Hayward/Jamieson

FCCLA, Mr. Sears

French Club, Mme. Maughan

German Club, Dr. Gapper

Journalism Club (The Current Magazine and Blog), Ms. Benere

Latin Club, Mrs. Dollings

Literary Magazine/Poetry Club, Mr. Joyner/Mr. Manley

Model UN, Mrs. Castelo

Mu Alpha Theta, Colaiacova

National Art Honor Society, Mrs. Constanzer

Psychology Club, Mrs. Compton

Quill and Scroll Publications Honor Society, Ms. Sparre/Ms. Benere

Spanish Club, Sra. Simonpietri/Sra. Negron

Tri-M Music Society, Mr. Turpin

Yearbook, Ms. Sparre


School Sponsored Clubs: Sponsor

Academic Team, Mr. Haynes

Debate Club, Ms. Morris/Ms. Turner

Forensics, Ms. Sanchez/Ms. Morris

Freshman Class, Mrs. Thomas

Junior Class, Mr. Joyner

National Honor Society (NHS), Mr. McCarthy

Partners in Education (PIE) Club, Mr. Crane

Rapid Fire, Mr. Early

Rapid Rowdies, Mr. Hannum/Mr. Koehler

Robotics, Mr. Coulliard

SCA, Mrs. Oakey/Mr. Nardo

Senior Class, Mr. Addison and Ms. Wilt

Sophomore Class, Mr. McCarthy


Student Interest Clubs: Sponsor

2501 Design, Mrs. Bisogno

Book Club, Mr. Calfee/Mrs. Hinkle

Chess Club, Mr. LaRocca

Climbing Club: Mr. Constanzer

Do Something Club, Mr. Nabors/Mrs. Barnes

FCA, Coach Yonta/Commander Greenwald

Fencing Club, Mr. Terry

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), Ms. Reinke

Gents/Gems, Mrs. Brown/Mrs. Lawrence

Interact Club, Mr. Stewart/Mr. Wilhelm

Ladies of Legacy, Mrs. Hewlett/Ms. Freeman

One Community, Ms. Spurr

PEACE Club, Mrs. Wright

SEA of Japan, Mr. Addison

STAND, Mrs. Wolfsheimer

Step Club, Ms. Robinson

TED Ed Club: Mr. Couillard

Trail Running Club: Mr. Calfee & Mr. Addison

UNICEF, Ms. Wilt/ Ms. Robinson

Water Bottle Flip Club: Mrs. Compton

We are the People, Addison

World Culture Club, Mme. Maughan

Young Democrats, Mrs. Reinke

Young Patriots, Commander Greenwald

Young Republicans, Smart/Wolfsheimer

Youth on a Mission, Mr. Joyner