Arts at James River

Talent show coming soon

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By: Eva Dorn, Online Editor
Get your acts to together! The talent show is coming soon. Auditions for the JRHS Talent Show are on Wednesday, January 25th and Thursday, January 26th. The talent show will be on Thursday, February 2nd. There will be prizes to be announced for the best acts.


Regiment marching band dominates at Powhatan

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By: Eva Dorn, Online Editor

The Regiment marching band has finished another great season by dominating at their last  band competition of the year at Powhatan High School on Saturday, October 29th. The Regiment received the following honors at this last competition: Superior Band, first place overall in class 3A, first place in Auxiliary (Color Guard), second place in Percussion, and first place general effect.

Marching Band plays at Band Night

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By: Dylan Lepore, Staff Writer

On Monday, October 10th, Cosby High School hosted the James River Regiment marching band at the annual County Band Night, which featured 10 different bands in the Chesterfield County area. With the entire area around and in Cosby High without power, the participants worried that the event would need to be rescheduled. Power was restored, and the band night continued as scheduled. While there are no rankings given on County Band Night, the Regiment will compete next on Saturday, October 29th at Powhatan High School.

Cobweb Dreams casts a spell

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By: Harley Butler, Staff Writer

Theatre on the James presents their last play of the year, Cobweb Dreams. This production is about a fairy who doesn’t want to live the fairy life everyone has created for her. This production will be held Thursday  April 28th to Saturday, April 30th. It starts at seven p.m. and will be held in the auditorium. Tickets are seven dollars and are sold at the door.  Come out and show your support!   

Enter your photo to Rapids branch

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By: Karla Reyes, Staff Writer

This month the Federal Credit Union is having a photo contest.The contest “Capture Your Favorite Spot” purpose is to take a black and white picture of any landscape in Richmond or Chesterfield. The pictures should exclude people and it must be submitted to the link below by Friday, April 29th.

The Federal Credit Union has students who work there decide on this contest.

“The student employees of the credit union came up with this idea,”  Federal Credit Union sponsor Rose Malone said.

This contest was organized by the staff. The employees in the Credit Union wanted the branch to look different.

“As a new branch, the location lacks something, the student workers decided that artwork would greatly improve the appearance of the branch,” Malone said.

There are many students who can participate in this contest but there will be only a few winners.

“All entries will be considered,” Malone said. “Due to space limitations, probably three photos will be chosen.”

The winning photos will be determined by the Federal Credit Union staff.

“The administrative staff of Chesterfield Federal Credit Union will make the final call. The students decided that the Credit Union Branch needed artwork of a timeless nature,” Malone said.
You can submit your picture through  The deadline for submissions are this Friday.

Anything Goes show choir presents “Rags to Riches”

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By: Caroline McMullan, Staff Writer

JRHS all girls show choir Anything Goes just wrapped up their show season they have been preparing for since August. Show choir is a chorus choir that sings and dances at the same time. They have a show theme that consists of five songs with costumes, set design, choreography, and complex vocals. Anything Goes went to four competitions this season in Nashville, Tennessee; Manchester High School, Powhatan High School, and Hanover High School. Their show this year is called “Rags to Riches” and they placed fourth place at three of their competitions.

If you did not get a chance to see them perform in show season, here is a video of their show. The performance starts at 1:33.

Want to learn more about Anything Goes? Check out our full article in the most recent issue of the Current magazine!

Video courtesy of: Marissa Parsons

A month to celebrate art

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By: Corinne Minnick. Online Copy Editor

March is Youth Art Month; it is a month for supporting art and art education in America.  Students are encouraged  to express their creativity through drawing, sculpting, painting and more. There will be an art gallery during lunch next week here at James River in honor of Youth Art Month.

Art students have come up with a creative way to spread the news about this month.

“We created Youth Art Month buttons for teachers and faculty to wear this month,” art teacher Anne Constanzer said.

All the buttons are different and the art students had a lot of fun making them.

“I think they are great visual displays. It the best way for us to recognize Youth Art Month and it’s wonderful that we can see teachers and faculty wearing the buttons we made,” Constanzer said.

The art department came up with several fun activities for students interested in art.

“For Youth Art Month we are creating a gallery during lunch. Originally we had it scheduled during ONE lunch, but since that was taken away, we will be doing it next week. The NAHS students will be bringing in their artwork. We have also contributed to the Suntrust Youth Art Month show,” Constanzer said.  

The art teachers have even had other teachers help inspire students through art as well.

“We have a big display when you first walk into the school, and all the teachers in the school contributed art, whether it’s photography, or graphics, or drawings. We did that in hopes that students will be inspired by it and and just know that art is involved in our everyday lives. It can be translated to math and science and they can see that, appreciate it, and celebrate it,” Constanzer said.
Be sure to check out the art gallery at lunch next week, and don’t forget to take a minute to appreciate art this month.