About Us

We are a blog extension of James River High School’s magazine, The James River Current. We cover breaking news related to the school, and additional information from articles covered in our print newsmagazine, available for free at James River High School. Our Web Editor for 2015-2016 is Keeshawn Capers, under the supervision of Faculty Sponsor Lauren Benere, lauren_benere@ccpsnet.net.

Disclaimer: The James River Current blog is published regularly by the journalism staff of James River High School. A product of the school’s academic elective program, the James River Current blog is designed and produced by students under the supervision of journalism adviser Lauren Benere. The staff has the right to select events and to decide what content and space should be allocated to these events. No person other than the staff members, adviser, or principal has the right to review content prior to publication. No material, opinionated or otherwise will be printed which is obscene, libelous, or irresponsible; advocates an illegal activity; creates a disruption to the normal school activities; or which the editorial board and/or adviser deems to be in poor taste.

(Some material courtesy of the American Society of Newspaper Editors/KRT Campus High School Newspaper Service.)


2 thoughts on “About Us

    David Chase said:
    January 14, 2016 at 7:51 PM

    Hi Lauren –
    Can you please remove the information for JV softball under team sports – spring?
    Please leave David Chase as the contact for all of softball – but please change the email address to:
    I’d rather not have the link to reduce SPAM.
    Thank you!
    David Chase

    benerelauren responded:
    January 15, 2016 at 12:04 PM

    Good Morning! Thank you for letting us know about this problem. I think I have resolved it but if you wouldn’t mind checking to make sure this is what you want, I’d appreciate it. Please just let me know and I can make any other necessary adjustments.

Have a comment? A question? Email the staff through Ms. Benere at lauren_benere@ccpsnet.net

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