Month: October 2016

Freshmen seek freshest title

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By: Caroline McMullan, Editor-in-Chief
On October 19th, 2016, while the sophomores and juniors took the PSAT, the senior mentors and freshman battled out through a series of games to see which freshmen homeroom is the best. Each homeroom has a different color shirt and throughout the four hours played dodgeball, tug of war, relay races, family feud, and knock out. If the homeroom won the game, they would earn points and at the end. The teams with the most points would play in the championship dodgeball tournament and Ice Gray came out on top as the winner of the third annual Battle of the Freshest. Please enjoy our photos below!

All photos by Caroline McMullan


Big Game, Big Night cap Homecoming Week

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By: Dylan Lepore, Staff Writer
Homecoming is upon us again. Spirit Week is in progress and the students are getting ready with dressing up and buying Homecoming tickets. On Friday, Homecoming Night starts with the parade in Riverton at 5:39pm, featuring parade floats from various clubs such as Young Democrats, Drama Club, surfing club, and the Regiment marching band. The football game follows at 7:30 against Midlothian High School. The Homecoming Dance is Saturday from 7pm – 11pm. If you want to buy a ticket to the dance, see Mrs. Oakey during both lunches in the Commons.

Marching Band plays at Band Night

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By: Dylan Lepore, Staff Writer

On Monday, October 10th, Cosby High School hosted the James River Regiment marching band at the annual County Band Night, which featured 10 different bands in the Chesterfield County area. With the entire area around and in Cosby High without power, the participants worried that the event would need to be rescheduled. Power was restored, and the band night continued as scheduled. While there are no rankings given on County Band Night, the Regiment will compete next on Saturday, October 29th at Powhatan High School.

First Open Mic held Friday

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By Eva Dorn, Online Editor
The first Open Mic of the school year is tomorrow, Friday, October 7th during both lunch periods. It will be held in the senior courtyard. Brendam Finnie and Brian Penstoch will be performing an original song, while Najee Chamber and Nymena Davis will be dancing. Brenan Williams will playing the piano. Matthew Knesal will sing. Tavian McFarland, Ethan Cook, and Chase Brown will singing “Little Things” by One Direction. Alex Hogge will be singing and playing the guitar. Make sure to head to Open Mic tomorrow to hear and see this lineup sponsored by the Peer Facilitators.

Vote for William Noble!

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By: Eva Dorn, Online Editor 
JRHS football player William Noble is in the Richmond Times Dispatch Player of the Week poll.  Noble is credited with 14 carries, 160 yards, and two touchdowns in the 44-21 win against Chancellor. Show your support for Noble and JRHS football and go vote for him here.

Homecoming Spirit starts next week

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By: Eva Dorn, Online Editor
It’s that time of year again. Homecoming is here, and spirit week is next week. Monday is Pajama Day (Pajamas must be within the dress code). Tuesday is Tropical Shirt Day. Then there’s Wacky Wednesday, be wacky and tacky. Thursday is America Day, so sport all of your patriotic clothing. Friday is Paint the Town Purple.  Be sure to get decked out in all your purple for the pep rally!

Rapids voice their debate opinion

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By: An-Vu Phan, Staff Writer

Last Monday, the two presidential candidates for the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton of the Democrats and Donald Trump of the Republicans, faced off in the first of three presidential debates. It would become the most watched presidential debate ever, drawing in over 84 million viewers.

Among those viewers were also 258 James River students who participated in a post-presidential poll. Of the 258 who participated in the poll, 67.4 percent watched the debates.

“ As a teacher, I thought the debate was pretty one sided in terms of who had logical arguments and who didn’t,” Social Studies teacher Shannon Castelo said. “So it was pretty clear to me at the end that one person was pretty emotional in the debate and the other person was more logical and answered the questions more directly.”

In the poll conducted, there were many who were left feeling more worried for the future. Yet there still some who found humor within the debate.

“I felt like it was a comedy show, and both candidates just bashed each other more often than talking about their plans,” said one senior in his/her poll response.

In fact, it seems that this bashing of one another contributed heavily to the Rapids community opinion of who had won the debate. It was seen that amongst the pollsters that 34.9 percent felt that Hillary had won the debate while another 14  percent felt that Trump won the debate. However, 24.8 percent also felt that nobody had won the debate.

“In my opinion, when the debate was all said and done, they both had their fan base and nothing they said ruined that,” said another senior in his/her poll response. “They both addressed things that they already have, so nothing new caught my attention during the debate.”

However, this is just the first of three presidential debates, with the next two debates being scheduled for Sunday, October 9th and Wednesday, October 19th. As such, there is more to be expected from both for the next two debates. There is also the vice presidential debate featuring Mike Pence of the Republican party and Tim Kaine of the Democratic party airing at 9 tonight.