Enjoying annual Riverrock festival

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By: Mikayla Grumiaux, Photo Editor

On May 20th, 21st and 22nd the annual Dominion Riverrock festival was held at Brown’s Island in Richmond. Music, food, and many festivities were held outside with lots of interactive activities that everyone could join in on. The rain and chilly weather did not stop many people from coming out to the festival with many James River students attending. There were also events like competitive dog jumping that canines of all shapes and sizes participated in.

Riverrock is known for it’s many interactive activities, with paddleboarding and kayaking being the most popular. Photo by Mikayla Grumiaux
Canines competing in the dog jump chased after toys that their owners threw out for them and then landed with a splash. Photo by Mikayla Grumiaux
Many dog owners attended Riverrock and brought their furry friends along with them. Photo by Mikayla Grumiaux