Giving thanks to teachers

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By: Mikayla Grumiaux, Photo Editor

From May 2nd through the 6th, teachers from all across the nation were recognized and celebrated during Teacher Appreciation Week. They challenge students’ minds and support them through their years of school as they raise the next generation of students to become better people who have a rich wealth of knowledge. James River’s administration, SCA, PTSA, and Principal Jeff Ellick provided breakfast or lunch for the teachers each day throughout the week. Students brought in gifts such as personalized cards or food for their teachers to show their thanks.

“I got two sweaters, they’re colors that I would like, and I will actually wear these. I [also] got lots of letters and things, so yeah I feel really appreciated,” English teacher Christopher Joyner said.

The goal of teacher appreciation week is to lift teacher’s spirits and show them how much they mean to everyone. Thoughtful cards are always a great way for students to spend time showing their love for their teachers.

“I think [teacher appreciation week] is really cool because it’s a good way for teachers to know that the work that they do is appreciated by their students, even though they shouldn’t need to know that to do their job, I think it helps them to make them want to do their job,” social studies teacher Joshua Thomas said.
All teachers work hard to help students succeed and it’s not too late to thank a teacher!