Honored students of 2016

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By: Corinne Minnick, News Editor 2016-2017

Chesterfield County Public Schools chooses two students every year to be the JRHS’ Students of the Year. This year senior Jaylon Brooks and sophomore Gracie Verlander have been recognized. They all gathered at the new Tech Center to celebrate on Thursday, April 21st.

High schoolers from all around the county were chosen to be their school’s Students of the Year.

“We had this ceremony where we ate a lot of food and then all the Students of the Year of Chesterfield County got in a line, and got on stage. They called all our names and we walked across the stage and they gave us a plaque. It was just a really nice, big celebration,” Verlander said.

This ceremony was a great way to give recognition to all the students who deserved to be commended for their good attitudes and hard work.

“[I think I was chosen to be Student of the Year] because of everything I have done for the school.

I have been a kick off council member for two years, this is my third year as peer facilitator, I’m also on the superintendent advisory council, and I’m also a part of the leadership council. Helping out the school is just a good way to spend my spare time,” Brooks said.

The honored students were only allowed to invite two guests to the ceremony, so that the county was able to hold such a nice event. Families and friends of the award winners were very proud that these students received this honor.

“My mom posted it all over Facebook and it got a ton of shares. She just bragged about me to everyone,” Verlander said.

Along with family and friends, the Students of the Year were proud of their achievement and the work they do for the school.

“To be honest when I first learned I was Student of the Year I was in shock. Then I started thinking about everything I had worked on for the school and I kind of accepted it. I never expected to be awarded for everything I did for the school. School comes first and recognition comes second. I’m just trying to make this school a better place for all the students here at James River,” Brooks said.
Don’t forget to congratulate Brooks and Verlander on their great accomplishment the next time you see them.