Mallory Strittmatter awarded Teacher of the Year

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By: Cana Wilson, Design/Flair Editor 2016-2017

English teacher Mallory Strittmatter was presented Teacher of the Year on Monday, April 4th, for the 2015-2016 school year.

Strittmatter has been an English teacher for seven years, however she has only been working here since September of 2011.

“I always wanted to come back, I thoroughly enjoyed my high school experience at James River. In a joking way it was my senior superlative ‘most likely to come back and teach at James River’ so a part of me felt like I needed to fulfill that,” Strittmatter said.

Strittmatter always enjoyed English as a student and was influenced by one of her her own high school English teachers.  

“A teacher that inspired me would ultimately be Mr. Schumacher. He was my ninth grade English teacher and he kind of showed me a different way to teach and our philosophies on teaching kind of mesh well so that’s where it began,” Strittmatter said.

While teaching here, she has been involved in many other activities and held many leadership positions.

“I have been the SCA sponsor for four years and senior class sponsor for one year. On the instructional side, part of the PBIS committee the PBL committee. I’ve been a new teacher mentor for a few of our teachers and then helping with the leadership center wherever necessary with the summer institute in the morning just wherever help has been needed,” Strittmatter said.

Strittmatter was very grateful when she was awarded Teacher of the Year.

“It was a good feeling to know that my peers appreciated me and the work that I do and they see that I am helping students. And the students’ reactions when they found out was really heartwarming and genuine,” Strittmatter said.

The faculty votes on the final nominees and the results are revealed in March/April.

“We are nominated by our peers, sometimes anonymously. It’s open to the whole faculty to nominate somebody and then from there once you know you have been nominated, you accept your nomination and then the voting process happens,” Strittmatter said.
Strittmatter is a beloved teacher by both her peers and students and being awarded with Teacher of the Year is a great honor.