Enter your photo to Rapids branch

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By: Karla Reyes, Staff Writer

This month the Federal Credit Union is having a photo contest.The contest “Capture Your Favorite Spot” purpose is to take a black and white picture of any landscape in Richmond or Chesterfield. The pictures should exclude people and it must be submitted to the link below by Friday, April 29th.

The Federal Credit Union has students who work there decide on this contest.

“The student employees of the credit union came up with this idea,”  Federal Credit Union sponsor Rose Malone said.

This contest was organized by the staff. The employees in the Credit Union wanted the branch to look different.

“As a new branch, the location lacks something, the student workers decided that artwork would greatly improve the appearance of the branch,” Malone said.

There are many students who can participate in this contest but there will be only a few winners.

“All entries will be considered,” Malone said. “Due to space limitations, probably three photos will be chosen.”

The winning photos will be determined by the Federal Credit Union staff.

“The administrative staff of Chesterfield Federal Credit Union will make the final call. The students decided that the Credit Union Branch needed artwork of a timeless nature,” Malone said.
You can submit your picture through bit.ly/rapidsbranchphotography  The deadline for submissions are this Friday.