Brackets bust James River

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By: Landon Moore, Staff Writer

 Across the nation, 40 million people will fill out over 70 million brackets according to Richmond-Times Dispatch’s Website. Money is both won and lost when people gamble money on their brackets. The chance of getting a perfect bracket are very against them due to the fact that they face approximately one to 128 billion odds. There are better odds to win the lottery, getting struck by lightning, or shooting a hole in one in a game of golf.

 In 2014, Billionaire Warren Buffett offered one billion dollars to anyone who could pick a perfect bracket. Since then, no one has come close to perfection. Seemingly everyone makes a bracket come March Madness time. The average person in fact fills out two! 28 dollars is the mean amount spent by a person who puts money on them. In total, over two billion dollars is spent by Americans annually.

The author’s busted bracket. Every bracket in the nation lost at least one game within their bracket, like the one above. Photo by Landon Moore.

  Students all around James River filled out a bracket to test their luck, unfortunately no one had the perfect bracket. Many wonder what the excitement of making basketball predictions is. Freshman Dean Vencil made four basketball brackets this season.

“The brackets are exciting and a fun way to be competitive with friends,” Vencil said.
Though none of his brackets won he still will pursue perfection, Vencil said, “I really enjoy making them each season and will keep making them win or lose.”