Student participates in Shaving Lives

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By: Mikayla Grumiaux, Photo Editor

On Monday, March 21st, sophomore Roberts Doyle walked into school with a noticeably new look that he proudly decides to sport each year. On Saturday, March 19th at the Church Hill Irish Festival, he had all of his hair shaved off as a way to raise money for cancer research and awareness to this disease that has taken so many lives. As of Friday, March 25th, Doyle has raised 277 dollars for the cause.

“I have been participating for eight years in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation program of shaving your head to raise money for childhood cancer research,” Doyle said.

Doyle and his father are both engaged in the fundraiser and had their heads shaved together at the festival.

“My father got me interested in the cause when I was eight, [that] was my first year and so this was my eighth year, and my father had been doing it three years before me. He saw a friend do it and then he just went after it and so this was his 11th year doing it,” Doyle said.

With all of his efforts, he collected proceeds that may become the difference between the life of a cancer patient.

“The money goes directly to the foundation of St. Baldrick’s and they write grants that go to the doctors that are actually performing research on the patients so it’s kind of like a two step process, you donate the money and then it goes to the doctors,” Doyle said.

The annual head shaving event is what everyone looks forward to, but Doyle thinks about it on a much more personal level.

“The whole entire idea of head shaving is to stand in solidarity with the cancer patients who went through chemotherapy. It is also to bring awareness to this disease that very few people know about,” Doyle said.

It takes a lot of time and dedication to raise money for the research, which is why eager individuals like Doyle enjoy partaking in the charity.

“The reason why I feel so passionate about this fundraiser is because this terrible disease of childhood cancer has taken so many lives of people my age and even younger than us, and I believe that we should do everything we can to help prevent those lives from being taken,” Doyle said.
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