JV boys soccer team kick off season

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By: Isaac Zermeno, Staff Writer

The JV boys soccer season has begun once again, and they are hoping to exceed expectations like last season.

Last year, they had a great record of 14 wins and three ties. This year’s coach Courtney Zamparello has set goals for this season, and hopes to achieve them.

“The goal for this season is just to have fun. Everyone wants to win, it’s part of the game. I think it’s better though to see them have fun than stress out,” Zamparello said.  

Zermeno_Jv  boys soccer_01
The 2015 JV boys soccer team posing for their picture Photo Courtesy of JRHS Athletics

Like every year they’ll have competitive games that will be a challenge.

“ When we go against the other teams we’ll play our best, the only real thing to be worried about is the commitment to the team,” Zamparello said.

A lot of athletes set goals for themselves that they wish to pass, and it’s become the norm to challenge themselves.

“My goal is to play the best I can every time I step on the pitch by scoring goals and having assists,” freshman Nicholas Hogge said. “The goals I have for the team is to work together, be positive towards one another, and find a way to get the ball into the net.”

“My goal for myself is to get faster and stronger,” freshman Irishuye Emmanuel said. “The goals for the team should be just to make the chemistry work, win important games, and get better.”

The JV boys soccer team are looking to work harder, and go above and beyond this season. They are definitely looking like the team to beat. Come and cheer them on! The schedule for the JV boy’s soccer team can be found here: