Boys tennis team comes back for spring season

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By: Henry Forbes, Staff Writer

Spring has arrived, and with it comes new practices and matches for the boys tennis team.

Try-outs started on February 22 and ended on February 25, and their first match was on March 15 against Manchester High School.

The team, coached by English Christopher Calfee, works hard to enhance their performance playing, despite some challenges they may have had.

“It’s a challenge because the team has gone through many coaches,” Calfee said. “It’s like starting from scratch.”

Despite this, the team pushes forward. Calfee describes what it is like working with the team, and what he does to motivate them to do their best.

“They go through a very regimented workout, and so motivating them is adding discipline to the program,” Calfee said.

A player on the boys tennis team goes all out in his performance during a match. Photo by Dean Hoffmeyer

The team also has certain things they do before a game or during practices, while some members of the team have their own superstitions.

“They all want to have to have nicknames and they all want to have food after they finish,” Calfee said. “Every individual player has his own superstitions.”

It is this individualism that adds personality to the sport, and what separates this from other physical activities for the coach.

“It’s a very individualized game,” Calfee said. “There are different ways to win.”

Calfee has had experience with tennis for many years, as he began practicing the sport at a very young age.

“I started when I was five,” Calfee said. “There was junior high school tennis, college tennis, and semi-pro.”

Calfee has been coaching for 22 years with a variety of sports, and has understood a part of tennis that makes it unique from other sports.

“Every season is different,” Calfee said. “You can’t just expect the same thing. It’s a constant learning process.”