Looking into the life of Traeven Tann

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By: Rylie Brumfield, Staff Writer

Senior Traeven Tann has many honorable accomplishments in all of the sports he plays at JRHS, including varsity football and wrestling, which he went to States for. Tann is all about teamwork and is humble about his many accomplishments. In between sports Tann works out at is local gym to stay in shape. For both of the sports he plays he has a special diet and responsibilities.

¨For wrestling it’s mostly greens, nothing really, just vegetables, and baked everything,¨ Tann said.

He has to stay healthy and strong for wrestling, meaning he has to work out a ton, being the strength oriented sport that wrestling is. You can mainly find him working out here in the JRHS weight room. Before a wrestling match he does a lot of preparation.

¨I just listen to music, drill a little bit by myself, [work with the punching bag] by myself, and run a lot,¨ Tann said.

Tann tackled wrestling all the way to states. Photo Courtesy of Traeven Tann.

While not participating in any sport, he goes to the gym to keep up his strength.

Tann’s family lives in Georgia, while Tann lives here to be able to keep doing the sports he loves and to attend school with his many friends. He is always keeping in touch with his family about his life and accomplishments.

¨I talk to my mom everyday,¨ Tann said.

He has many aspirations for the future, although his main focus is his football career. He has not committed to a college quite yet, but he has gotten offers.

¨I’m trying to make it to the NFL but I don’t know if I’ll get there,¨  Tann said. ¨If that doesn’t happen I’ll be an athletic trainer and study it in college.¨

Tann works with his teammates and he plans to plan football in college. Photo Courtesy of Traeven Tann.