Track team comes around for another successful season

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By: Harley Butler, Staff Writer

Staying physically and mentally healthy is a very important part of life. For a large amount of people, running is their way of maintaining a healthy body and mind. Luckily, James River high school has given their students that opportunity to have track as one of their school sports.

“Before each season we have conditioning,” the track coach, former track star and  gym teacher Cornell Core said.

Track has two seasons, both indoor and outdoor. According to Everything Track and Field, pre-season tends to be the most crucial part of track and field. Conditioning includes workouts that build the teammates strength, confidence and speed.

Being a former track star throughout his high school career, it’s expected that Core wants to see his team have the same success that he experienced.

“Defeat makes us stronger, it makes us hungrier to work hard and to not let it happen again,” Core said.

Butler_caleb and justin 100 dash
James River track runners race to the finish line. Photo courtesy of James River High School’s Track and Field page,

Having a successful indoor track season leaves everyone curious as to what his plans are for his team’s outdoor track season.  

“I have high expectations for outdoor,” Core said. “There should be more kids, that bring[s] more talent. The success from indoor should fuel outdoor.”

Core works very hard and he does what he can for the benefit of others. He has plans to improve his coaching skills from year to year.

“Reflecting back on the previous years, getting input from the athletes, and my coaching staff.”  Core said.  
You can go out and show your support for the outdoor track team by going out to their first meet at the end of March.