Rapids in Motion

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By: Julie Hutchison, Staff Writer

Our dance team, Rapid Motion, was very successful this past fall.The team won Grand Champs at the Manchester Invitational last season, placing first in jazz, first in hip hop, and second in pom.

They also won two competitions at the University of Richmond, known as the ¨Bring It On¨ competition. Bring it on is when two school dance teams battle each other. In the first round Rapid Motion beat Manchester High School’s dance team. In the second battle Rapid Motion beat Midlothian High School’s dance team and won the entire competition.

Rapid Motion practices Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 2:15 to 3:30.

¨As a team we prepare for competitions by running through the routines constantly, and practicing to make sure everyone on the team is physically and mentally ready,¨ freshman Avery Schwarz said.

Rapid Motion after performing their Pom dance at a home basketball game. Photo Courtesy of Avery Schwarz

¨What got me interested in the dance team is my passion for dance. Dance is an all day, everyday obligation and I like to continue my passion for dance in school. Being able to meet team members, work with a dedicated coach, be more involved in dance, and most of all having fun and being a part of the school,¨ Schwarz said.

Rapid Motion’s first competition is in October, the Manchester Invitational. The second one is at Brooke Point in January and the last one is ¨Bring it on¨ at U of R in February. Make sure you come out and support our Rapids this fall.

Rapid motion at the Manchester Invitational. They are celebrating their victory of winning Grand Champs. Photo Courtesy of Avery Schwarz