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Student participates in Shaving Lives

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By: Mikayla Grumiaux, Photo Editor

On Monday, March 21st, sophomore Roberts Doyle walked into school with a noticeably new look that he proudly decides to sport each year. On Saturday, March 19th at the Church Hill Irish Festival, he had all of his hair shaved off as a way to raise money for cancer research and awareness to this disease that has taken so many lives. As of Friday, March 25th, Doyle has raised 277 dollars for the cause.

“I have been participating for eight years in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation program of shaving your head to raise money for childhood cancer research,” Doyle said.

Doyle and his father are both engaged in the fundraiser and had their heads shaved together at the festival.

“My father got me interested in the cause when I was eight, [that] was my first year and so this was my eighth year, and my father had been doing it three years before me. He saw a friend do it and then he just went after it and so this was his 11th year doing it,” Doyle said.

With all of his efforts, he collected proceeds that may become the difference between the life of a cancer patient.

“The money goes directly to the foundation of St. Baldrick’s and they write grants that go to the doctors that are actually performing research on the patients so it’s kind of like a two step process, you donate the money and then it goes to the doctors,” Doyle said.

The annual head shaving event is what everyone looks forward to, but Doyle thinks about it on a much more personal level.

“The whole entire idea of head shaving is to stand in solidarity with the cancer patients who went through chemotherapy. It is also to bring awareness to this disease that very few people know about,” Doyle said.

It takes a lot of time and dedication to raise money for the research, which is why eager individuals like Doyle enjoy partaking in the charity.

“The reason why I feel so passionate about this fundraiser is because this terrible disease of childhood cancer has taken so many lives of people my age and even younger than us, and I believe that we should do everything we can to help prevent those lives from being taken,” Doyle said.
To support Doyle and donate to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation visit


JV boys soccer team kick off season

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By: Isaac Zermeno, Staff Writer

The JV boys soccer season has begun once again, and they are hoping to exceed expectations like last season.

Last year, they had a great record of 14 wins and three ties. This year’s coach Courtney Zamparello has set goals for this season, and hopes to achieve them.

“The goal for this season is just to have fun. Everyone wants to win, it’s part of the game. I think it’s better though to see them have fun than stress out,” Zamparello said.  

Zermeno_Jv  boys soccer_01
The 2015 JV boys soccer team posing for their picture Photo Courtesy of JRHS Athletics

Like every year they’ll have competitive games that will be a challenge.

“ When we go against the other teams we’ll play our best, the only real thing to be worried about is the commitment to the team,” Zamparello said.

A lot of athletes set goals for themselves that they wish to pass, and it’s become the norm to challenge themselves.

“My goal is to play the best I can every time I step on the pitch by scoring goals and having assists,” freshman Nicholas Hogge said. “The goals I have for the team is to work together, be positive towards one another, and find a way to get the ball into the net.”

“My goal for myself is to get faster and stronger,” freshman Irishuye Emmanuel said. “The goals for the team should be just to make the chemistry work, win important games, and get better.”

The JV boys soccer team are looking to work harder, and go above and beyond this season. They are definitely looking like the team to beat. Come and cheer them on! The schedule for the JV boy’s soccer team can be found here:,&category_sel=&category=

Boys tennis team comes back for spring season

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By: Henry Forbes, Staff Writer

Spring has arrived, and with it comes new practices and matches for the boys tennis team.

Try-outs started on February 22 and ended on February 25, and their first match was on March 15 against Manchester High School.

The team, coached by English Christopher Calfee, works hard to enhance their performance playing, despite some challenges they may have had.

“It’s a challenge because the team has gone through many coaches,” Calfee said. “It’s like starting from scratch.”

Despite this, the team pushes forward. Calfee describes what it is like working with the team, and what he does to motivate them to do their best.

“They go through a very regimented workout, and so motivating them is adding discipline to the program,” Calfee said.

A player on the boys tennis team goes all out in his performance during a match. Photo by Dean Hoffmeyer

The team also has certain things they do before a game or during practices, while some members of the team have their own superstitions.

“They all want to have to have nicknames and they all want to have food after they finish,” Calfee said. “Every individual player has his own superstitions.”

It is this individualism that adds personality to the sport, and what separates this from other physical activities for the coach.

“It’s a very individualized game,” Calfee said. “There are different ways to win.”

Calfee has had experience with tennis for many years, as he began practicing the sport at a very young age.

“I started when I was five,” Calfee said. “There was junior high school tennis, college tennis, and semi-pro.”

Calfee has been coaching for 22 years with a variety of sports, and has understood a part of tennis that makes it unique from other sports.

“Every season is different,” Calfee said. “You can’t just expect the same thing. It’s a constant learning process.”

A month to celebrate art

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By: Corinne Minnick. Online Copy Editor

March is Youth Art Month; it is a month for supporting art and art education in America.  Students are encouraged  to express their creativity through drawing, sculpting, painting and more. There will be an art gallery during lunch next week here at James River in honor of Youth Art Month.

Art students have come up with a creative way to spread the news about this month.

“We created Youth Art Month buttons for teachers and faculty to wear this month,” art teacher Anne Constanzer said.

All the buttons are different and the art students had a lot of fun making them.

“I think they are great visual displays. It the best way for us to recognize Youth Art Month and it’s wonderful that we can see teachers and faculty wearing the buttons we made,” Constanzer said.

The art department came up with several fun activities for students interested in art.

“For Youth Art Month we are creating a gallery during lunch. Originally we had it scheduled during ONE lunch, but since that was taken away, we will be doing it next week. The NAHS students will be bringing in their artwork. We have also contributed to the Suntrust Youth Art Month show,” Constanzer said.  

The art teachers have even had other teachers help inspire students through art as well.

“We have a big display when you first walk into the school, and all the teachers in the school contributed art, whether it’s photography, or graphics, or drawings. We did that in hopes that students will be inspired by it and and just know that art is involved in our everyday lives. It can be translated to math and science and they can see that, appreciate it, and celebrate it,” Constanzer said.
Be sure to check out the art gallery at lunch next week, and don’t forget to take a minute to appreciate art this month.

Looking into the life of Traeven Tann

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By: Rylie Brumfield, Staff Writer

Senior Traeven Tann has many honorable accomplishments in all of the sports he plays at JRHS, including varsity football and wrestling, which he went to States for. Tann is all about teamwork and is humble about his many accomplishments. In between sports Tann works out at is local gym to stay in shape. For both of the sports he plays he has a special diet and responsibilities.

¨For wrestling it’s mostly greens, nothing really, just vegetables, and baked everything,¨ Tann said.

He has to stay healthy and strong for wrestling, meaning he has to work out a ton, being the strength oriented sport that wrestling is. You can mainly find him working out here in the JRHS weight room. Before a wrestling match he does a lot of preparation.

¨I just listen to music, drill a little bit by myself, [work with the punching bag] by myself, and run a lot,¨ Tann said.

Tann tackled wrestling all the way to states. Photo Courtesy of Traeven Tann.

While not participating in any sport, he goes to the gym to keep up his strength.

Tann’s family lives in Georgia, while Tann lives here to be able to keep doing the sports he loves and to attend school with his many friends. He is always keeping in touch with his family about his life and accomplishments.

¨I talk to my mom everyday,¨ Tann said.

He has many aspirations for the future, although his main focus is his football career. He has not committed to a college quite yet, but he has gotten offers.

¨I’m trying to make it to the NFL but I don’t know if I’ll get there,¨  Tann said. ¨If that doesn’t happen I’ll be an athletic trainer and study it in college.¨

Tann works with his teammates and he plans to plan football in college. Photo Courtesy of Traeven Tann.

Track team comes around for another successful season

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By: Harley Butler, Staff Writer

Staying physically and mentally healthy is a very important part of life. For a large amount of people, running is their way of maintaining a healthy body and mind. Luckily, James River high school has given their students that opportunity to have track as one of their school sports.

“Before each season we have conditioning,” the track coach, former track star and  gym teacher Cornell Core said.

Track has two seasons, both indoor and outdoor. According to Everything Track and Field, pre-season tends to be the most crucial part of track and field. Conditioning includes workouts that build the teammates strength, confidence and speed.

Being a former track star throughout his high school career, it’s expected that Core wants to see his team have the same success that he experienced.

“Defeat makes us stronger, it makes us hungrier to work hard and to not let it happen again,” Core said.

Butler_caleb and justin 100 dash
James River track runners race to the finish line. Photo courtesy of James River High School’s Track and Field page,

Having a successful indoor track season leaves everyone curious as to what his plans are for his team’s outdoor track season.  

“I have high expectations for outdoor,” Core said. “There should be more kids, that bring[s] more talent. The success from indoor should fuel outdoor.”

Core works very hard and he does what he can for the benefit of others. He has plans to improve his coaching skills from year to year.

“Reflecting back on the previous years, getting input from the athletes, and my coaching staff.”  Core said.  
You can go out and show your support for the outdoor track team by going out to their first meet at the end of March.

Korey Singh’s road to recovery

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By: Landon Moore, Staff Writer

Senior baseball player Korey Singh  has played for James River since his freshman year and in eighth grade he played for Midlothian High School. He plays first base, and occasionally plays designated hitter, where he only hits and does not play the field.

Singh has played baseball since he was five years old because his father loved the game and he wanted to be just like him.

Before the game, “The team usually goes out to eat and I like to listen to music and just have fun,” Singh said.

Singh suffered a torn labrum and a fractured shoulder in January of this year. He has worked very hard to come back from that injury, attending physical therapy three times a week since it occurred. He should now be ready to come back to play by midseason.

Singh wears his heart on his hat, wearing the Rapids hat for four years. Photo by Landon Moore

Playing under many coaches throughout the years, he says he can not pick a favorite.

“All the coaches are great and tell you when something is not right so you can fix it which is really helpful,” Singh said.

He recently committed to James Madison University (JMU) for baseball. With a new school comes lots of excitement for Singh.

“ I cannot wait to become part of a new family and playing in a new place will be exciting”. He chose JMU over a few division three schools for many reasons,” Singh said. “JMU has some of the best coaches in the state, great facilities, and a really good school all around.”

Life after baseball is always a second option for Singh who does not want to leave sports after baseball.

“I would love to be a sports commentator,” Singh said.