Wrestlers competed in Regionals, States

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By: Karla Llano Reyes, Staff Writer

James River’s wrestling season brought home some great successes. This year, the varsity team made it to Regionals and one student even made it to States.

On Saturday, January 30th, the wrestling team competed against 17 other schools in the Lancer Invitational at Manchester High School. After the Lancer Invitational the wrestling team went on to compete to conference where the wrestlers would be able to qualify for Regionals.

The team was placed in ninth place during the Lancer Invitational with four wrestlers placing in the top eight. One wrestler placed fifth, another placed eighth, and two others placed first.

“Josh Garber and Justin Esposito were champions, Traeven Tann took fifth and Matthew Armstrong took seventh,” wrestling coach James Riley said.

On Saturday, February 6th, the wrestling team competed at the Conference Tournament. Coach Riley wanted them prepared and focused so the team could accomplish their goal and qualify for the Regional Tournament.

“My biggest concern for the Conference Tournament [was] the wrestlers’ ability to stay focused. There are not a lot of new things I can teach in a short amount of time,” Riley said. “They have the skills necessary to be champions already they just need to remain focused.”

Sanchez_Lancer Invitational_01
Our wrestlers celebrate their victories at the Lancer Invitational. Photo Courtesy of Jessica Sanchez.

Even though not all of the wrestlers were able to make it to Regionals, there were some who placed as champions and finalists at Conference.

“We had eight of them qualified for Regionals, seven of them were made finals and five of them were champions: Josh Garber, Izea Turner, Rudy Bojorquez, Traeven Tann, and Matthew Armstrong,” Riley said.

Sanchez_Lancer Invitational_02
The success at the Lancer Invitational foreshadowed future success throughout the wrestling season. Photo Courtesy of Jessica Sanchez.

Regionals were postponed on Friday so the team competed on Saturday and Sunday February 13th-14th. Regionals were an important competition because it would determine who would be going to States.

“The competition was really tough, but we battled for a young team. Josh Gaber placed fifth and Traeven Tann placed third. Traeven was able to make it to states,” Riley said.

States were on Friday and Saturday, February 19th and 20th. Although they were just as tough as the other competitions, Tann competed well.

“Traeven wrestled well, but he ran into a few wrestlers that had a lot more experience than he did, but I am proud of him,” Riley said.
Tann ended up placed in eighth at States.This year the wrestling team was able to finish strong and accomplish their goals.They did well this year and we can’t wait until next year to see how they do.