New pass system to be enforced

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By: Cana Wilson, Online Copy Editor

The Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) team, a group of teachers, aides and administrators, have been working with the county to organize a new pass system for James River that will go into effect on Monday, February 15th.

Every section of the school will be color coded with corresponding passes; students are only allowed to go to the corresponding areas. Certain rooms, like counseling and the clinic, will also have colored passes.

“[This is for] students who tend to use those passes to elongate their trip, like maybe go down to the vending machines or hang out with friends in other areas of the building,” social studies teacher Michael Farrell said.

Teachers will also volunteer to monitor the hallways in order enforce a stricter tardy system that includes tardy stations between each class period.

“Each teacher will be assigned a certain zone for the clean sweep part of it. When students are tardy to class now they will actually get a tardy pass for each period,” Farrell said.

This improved hallway system will benefit both students and teachers, especially in emergency situations.

¨If we were to have a fire drill or a lockdown and that student is out of that very zone during that class period we would be able to identify who they are with because the teacher’s name will be on the pass,¨ Farrell said.
All of these changes will enhance the security of James River and improve discipline of the students.