Richmond’s Hamlet features JRHS’s Madame Maughan

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By: Caroline McMullan, Staff Writer
WCVE PBS is broadcasting Quill Theater’s production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, starring one of James River’s own.  French teacher Laurel Maughan, is playing Guildenstern in Hamlet and the production is airing Thursday, January 14th at nine p.m. She plays a very comedic role in which she acts “silly” on stage alongside her husband and close friends. They are having a special preview at the Byrd Theatre tonight, Monday, January 11th at seven p.m. The tickets are free, but any donations are accepted. Concession profits will go towards supporting the Byrd Theater Foundation. If you love Shakespeare, come out tonight or tune in to WCVE PBS for Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Flyer for PBS’s production of Hamlet. Mme. Maughan is featured as Guildenstern in the bottom middle photograph.