Month: January 2016

Chesterfield video announces Friday closing

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From our sponsor:

With a strong snow system moving through the area today and tomorrow, Chesterfield County found a fun and potentially viral way to alert the Chesterfield community of our much-hoped for snow day. Publishing the video via social media Thursday, January 21st at 4pm, the video features director of Community Relations Tim Bullis and Superintendent Marcus Newsome dancing with the Monacan High School choir and teachers begging them to “close it” in song. Please enjoy the video below, and we at the Current magazine and blog hope you have a safe and warm snow day today!


From furniture to fine arts

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By: Mikayla Grumiaux, Photo Editor

The students in Mr. Calfee’s English classes had to get creative with their last project. They were asked to turn a piece of furniture that could be found in any ordinary home into an artistic representation of a banned book that they read in the second quarter. Along with the visual representation, students were required to fill out a reading log throughout the quarter, research the author of their book, and find out why it was banned. All of the students’ creative projects are displayed around Calfee’s room, and below are pictures of a few of them.

Brian Baum, who read _Fahrenheit 451_, blended the eerie colors of deep green, bright yellow, and dark black onto a stool, with books on top that seem to be a bit burnt on the edges. Photo by Mikayla Grumiaux
Thomas Jordan captures the dystopian story, _Fahrenheit 451_, by adding burnt book pages, and a blanket of ashes onto something as innocent as a child’s chair. Photo by Mikayla Grumiaux
From a decorative side table to a colorful work of art, Rudy Bojorquez created an abstract piece to represent the popular banned book, _A Clockwork Orange_. Photo by Mikayla Grumiaux
This lamp was turned from a blank slate into a scene that included a ranch house with a detailed view of the sunset. Gene Shin artistically represented the book _Looking for Alaska_. Photo by Mikayla Grumiaux
The novel _Flowers for Algernon_ takes on the hands of time. Taylor Allen took something as ordinary as a clock and added festive tape to its border, and placed sketched scenes from the story over its numbers. Photo by Mikayla Grumiaux
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Who knew that a basketball and stool could be combined to become something as unique as Sarah Trent’s representation of the book, _The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian_? Photo by Mikayla Grumiaux

Richmond’s Hamlet features JRHS’s Madame Maughan

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By: Caroline McMullan, Staff Writer
WCVE PBS is broadcasting Quill Theater’s production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, starring one of James River’s own.  French teacher Laurel Maughan, is playing Guildenstern in Hamlet and the production is airing Thursday, January 14th at nine p.m. She plays a very comedic role in which she acts “silly” on stage alongside her husband and close friends. They are having a special preview at the Byrd Theatre tonight, Monday, January 11th at seven p.m. The tickets are free, but any donations are accepted. Concession profits will go towards supporting the Byrd Theater Foundation. If you love Shakespeare, come out tonight or tune in to WCVE PBS for Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Flyer for PBS’s production of Hamlet. Mme. Maughan is featured as Guildenstern in the bottom middle photograph.

Students prepare for 2016-2017 school year

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By: Cana Wilson, Copy Editor

As the second nine weeks comes to a close, students and faculty plan for the 2016-2017 school year with the Elective Round Robin on Friday January 22nd between third period and lunch.

The Round Robin allows students to hear presentations from the teachers of the electives they are interested in taking next year.

“It gives everyone a chance to learn more about what’s going on instead of just reading a course description, which is helpful but it gives them a chance to go talk to one of the people who is going to be teaching it and in some cases they can talk to other students who have taken the class before,” Guitar teacher Bryan Harris said.

James River High School has been doing the Elective Round Robin for over 10 years.

“When it first started it was sort of a committee of teachers and administrators that decided they wanted a way for students to be able to know more about electives before they sign up for them,” Harris said.

Students will sign up for the Elective Round Robin on a Google form that is to be completed by Friday, January 15th.

“There are several new courses this year, and I don’t want to play favorites, so I would say just look at the list of classes that is going up as part of the form and see what’s new and what’s exciting,” Harris said.

Below you can find the Elective Round Robin selection form and elective options.