Looking ahead: James River artist Olivia Marino discusses her future in art

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By: Eva Dorn, Staff Writer

       Standing a little bit above five feet with long brown hair in an understated flannel, senior Olivia Marino is a quite extraordinary student at James River High. For starters she is the president of James River’s NAHS or National Art Honors Society.

“Two of my biggest passions are art and community service, and with NAHS I can bring the two together,”Marino said.

 Among Marino’s accomplishments, she has been accepted to the Savannah College of Art and Design.In addition,her artwork has been displayed at the Chesterfield County Festival of Fine Arts consecutively in the past two years.

  Art has always been a big part of Marino’s life, but she didn’t start pursuing art seriously until her freshman year of high school. Marino is currently a student in art teacher Toussaint Manley’s 3D Design Three class. She also takes Graphic Arts One.

“Mr.Manley inspired me to be committed to my art,” Marino said.

Taking Mr.Manley’s class has been a positive experience for Marino. It has been an experience to help her to learn and grow with her art.

 “I’m inspired by my peers in art class, and they challenge me to be a better artist,” Marino said.

 Marino has created many pieces of art in Mr. Manley’s class and in graphic arts, one of her personal favorites is The  Glass Converse. The piece is a modern take on a Cinderella shoe which she had to do for a class assignment.

   “The Glass Converse is really personal to me because it represents me as a little girl and myself now,” Morino said.

Marino works on her latest piece of art in 3D Design class. Photo by Eva Dorn

  Morino has created many other meaningful pieces of art. Marino’s Car Radio inspired by the Twenty One Pilots song is another one of Marino’s personal favorites. She has also made several graphic pieces.

  “Olivia is a very detail oriented artist. Her artistic process is amazing because she puts so much thought into her work,” Manley said.

   Marino plans to pursue her art after high school. At the moment she is uncertain whether she will attend SCAD. However, there are a couple of colleges she is also looking into.

  “I plan to study graphic art, crafting or art education. I would like to go to James Madison University or Virginia Commonwealth University,” Marino said.

Whether Marino goes to SCAD, VCU or JMU, she plans to continue pursuing her art. She is not yet sure if she wants to pigeonhole her self into an art related career,but she is certain whatever she will do it will relate to art.

“Whatever I do I will remain in touch with my art whether it’s professional or personal,” Marino said.