Feed your brain for a great start to the day

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By: Amanda Wallace, Staff Writer

Do you get all the nutrients you need in a day to be healthy? Probably not, if you’re not eating a wholesome breakfast to last through the school day!  

According to About Kids Health, four out of five kids do not get the vitamins and minerals they need, by only eating lunch and dinner. Vitamins and minerals are an essential for normal physiologic function (growth and reproduction) according to Precision Nutrition. By eating breakfast assures you get all of those daily.   

“By eating breakfast you rev up your metabolism, when you don’t eat breakfast it stays at a low metabolic rate, it slows the whole day down,” school nurse Liz Klement said.

Teens who eat breakfast perform much better in school and their school work, they  show extra energy in sports and other physical activities, according to About Kids Health. Teenagers who eat breakfast tend to have better grades, better social behaviors, and do not get into fights as much. By eating breakfast you change yourself for the better everyday.

“Eating breakfast increases the attention span in the classroom,” Klement said.

Eight out of 12 of kids skip breakfast according to Healthy Children. Many older kids take as late as 11 p.m. and they would rather sleep more than eat in the morning, also according to Healthy Children.     

It’s just as important for teacher to eat breakfast as students and for the same reasons. About one third of U.S. of American Adults,  According to Kellogg. Teachers won’t be able to teach you as well and interact with their students as much if they don’t eat breakfast as if they do eat breakfast.  

It’s crucial for students and teachers to eat breakfast so they can perform to their absolute best. It can be hard to make time for in the mornings, but Breakfast is crucial, but it keeps you nourished and healthy.   

“I usually find time for breakfast, I don’t make a feast out of it,” freshmen Sara Skolnick said.

Cereal is a very common choice for breakfast every morning. Cereal is not the healthiest of choices but very convenient for people on the go. Photo by Amanda Wallace