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By Isaac Zermeno, Staff Writer

Many interesting clubs are found here at James River, one in particular interest is the Robotics club. This is one of those clubs that take a lot of teamwork, and a lot of communicating and all at the same time it brings joy and happiness to the club members.

Senior Jacob Sprouse is the president of the Robotics team. He is one of the oldest members, and one of the most highly experienced.

“ I joined this club when I was in boy scouts,” Sprouse said. ”I was trying to get my Robotics merit badge. I made a robot that got the attention of the people from Robotics, which led them to ask me to join their club. I agreed after going to one of their events, and ever since then I’ve been on this team.”

Sprouse and club members working on the structure of their robot Photo by Isaac Zermeno.

The Robotics club also holds many events, and entertain many people with their interesting and incredible technology.


“We sometimes perform for elementary schools, and we compete in first tech competitions,” Sprouse said. “These first tech competitions determine which school has made the best robot, all while trying to follow a set of rules and a rubric that can allow the robot to compete.”

Science teacher Timothy Couillard is the sponsor of the Robotics club.

“What I do as a sponsor is communicate with the club members, when an adult is not around,” Couillard said.

A club member works on the code and computer programming for their robot. Photo by Isaac Zermeno.

According to, goals are one of the main things you need to focus on in order to get better at something. Robotics have many goals, too.

“One goal they have set for themselves is to compete in the first tech competitions,” Couillard said. “And another goal they wish to accomplish is to learn more about making and building technology.”

Everyone and everything have many good things to offer. Robotics is the same way and have many interesting qualities.

“I probably think the best part is seeing how these things are put together over a course of time,” Couillard said.

Robotics is seen as a fun hobby to look into, for there are many kids out there who are interested in mechanics and engineering.

Sprouse and other club members repairing and overlooking their robot. Photo by Isaac Zermeno

“This is one of the reasons why I sponsored this club, I thought it was a necessity for all the other kids who were interested in technology,” Couillard said.

If you are interested in joining this club it is never too late to join. Flyers are posted in science classrooms and around the school. Usually Orange and a lot of other colors and is held in room 2503.