Fall Favorites

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By: Corinne Minnick, Copy Editor, and Mikayla Grumiaux, Photo Editor

Fall is an exciting time for many James River students and staff, whether it be the mark of football season, or the comfy vibe that it brings to the school. For some, it is the time spent with friends, warm sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes that makes fall the highlight of their year. For others it could be the fun family traditions or premiers of their favorite TV shows that creates such an enjoyable season. Here is a look at our Rapids’ personal fall favorites.

¨My favorite fall activity is to go to Virginia Tech football games with my family and at least two a season. I also really enjoy going to the pumpkin patch with my daughter, and apple picking,¨  English teacher Mallory Strittmatter said.  

A common fall tradition amongst teachers, students and staff is going pumpkin picking and attending football games.

¨[My favorite fall traditions] usually involve tailgating, going to football games, maybe a little haunted forest, picking some pumpkins at Ashland Berry Farm, oh and HOWL O’SCREAM, because I like roller coasters when it’s not a billion degrees,¨  History teacher Joshua Thomas said.

Another plus to fall is the warmer attire that you get to wear as the weather continues to grow colder.

¨You know the best part about fall is that you can start wearing your hooded sweatshirts, your North Face fleeces, sweaters; everybody knows I like a good sweater, and definitely some wool socks,¨ Thomas said.

Fall is a great time to pull out some new accessories that really spice up your outfit to bring the autumn feel into what you wear.

“[My favorite fall accessories are] scarves, boots, sweater and a light jacket,” junior Rowan Connelley said.

James River is warming up for fall and many Rapids are ready for the seasons to shift so  they can begin to enjoy the many lively perks of autumn.