Theatre productions for 2015-2016 announced

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By Carly Lester, Staff Writer

At the end of every school year, all students who participated in any of the three plays, whether they were part of the cast or crew, are invited to the Theatre on the James Banquet. At the banquet, seniors are the focus of the night, and several awards are given out to both seniors and underclassmen. One of the most anticipated parts of the night, however, is the unveiling of the shows for the next school year. The choice of productions remains top secret throughout the year, but they have finally been announced.

To start the year in October, Theatre on the James will put on the play “Ghostchasers!” In “Ghostchasers!”, an earthquake frees a poltergeist living in an asylum, and it’s up to the Ghostchasers to stop its mischief. Trouble ensues, as the patients of the asylum lock up the staff and no one can tell who’s who. This particular production is a student-faculty play, meaning that students as well as teachers can be a part of the cast.

The musical of the year will be “Oklahoma!”, a famous, award-winning Broadway hit. It takes place in Oklahoma in the year 1906, and focuses on the stories of two pairs of lovers. One of these pairs includes Curly, a cowboy who has feelings for a farm girl named Laurey, but has trouble admitting it. Judd, Laurey’s farm hand, tries to come between them and take Laurey for himself. A second love story woven into the plot centers on Ado Annie, one of Laurey’s friends. Her boyfriend, a cowboy named Will, has returned home from his exciting trip to Kansas City, but while he was away, she fell for a Persian peddler named Ali Hakim.

The last play of the year will be “Cobweb Dreams,” a spinoff of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Taking a different path than the original play, this production centers on the lives of the fairies, specifically Cobweb. Cobweb is a natural trickster, and wants to remain so, although the other fairies seem to be pushing her towards a more refined way of life. She has to fight to make her dreams come true, and struggles to keep being the fun prankster that she was born to be.

Now that students know what to expect for the productions next year, they can start preparing. Anyone who is interested in trying out for a part or joining stage crew should contact Mrs. Oyler for more information.