Seniors show off their talent, say goodbye

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By: Meg Carroll, Staff Writer

On the evening of May 27th in the James River Theatre, the seniors’ accomplishments were celebrated by a night spent presenting superlatives, enjoying various acts, and the symbolic passing of the gavel from one president to the next.

The James River Drum Line started the evening off with a bang and soon followed the Senior Class of 2015. Senior Class Officers, President Benjamin Caracciolo, Vice President Kathryn Thompson, Secretary Emily Marcy, Treasurer Jennifer Foliaco, Historian Kelli Rieck, and Public Relations Officer James Childress hosted the evening. They had the honor of representing the 2015 Senior Class and recognized seniors by awarding them their superlatives.

The transformations of the Senior Class were shown in a sentimental slideshow which contained photos of the seniors when they were children to now. Along with the slideshow, there were many creative acts during which seniors displayed their talents by singing or playing instruments.

2015’s Senior Class Sponsors, Ms. Bishop and Ms. Morris, were recognized and thanked with gifts for their hard work and dedication.

Near the close of the evening, President Benjamin Caracciolo passed the gavel to the newly elected President Danny McCabe. Speaking for the first time as President, McCabe encouraged the seniors and was positive about the future of James River High School.

The graduating class of 2015 will always be remembered and memories will be cherished. Good luck in the future, Class of 2015. Take a look at our photo gallery below!

This senior drummed away as his band played on Senior Night.  Photo by: Rachel Lybolt
This senior drummed away as his band played on Senior Night.
Photo by: Rachel Lybolt
senior night 2
True talent was shown on Senior Night as some of the graduating class performed. Photo by: Rachel Lybolt
senior night 3
Some seniors sang Ingrid Michaelson’s catchy song, “You and I.” Photo by: Rachel Lybolt