Running toward a good cause

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By: Keeshawn Capers, Staff Writer

This summer on Saturday, June 20th, the Harrison Strong 5k will be held at ACAC Midlothian at 4pm.

This race was created to support and to help sophomore Harrison Zierenberg after he was injured an accident that occurred over Spring Break in the Cayman Islands. All contributions that are made towards the race are all going towards helping Zierenberg get better and return to his normal environment as fast as possible.

Sophomore Keegan Strasser, one of Zierenberg’s closest friends dating back to middle school, said, “I feel that this race is awesome. His hospital bill is very expensive due to many injuries and I believe that if everyone signed up to race in this 5k it would really help him and his family a lot.”

With Zierenberg still in the process of recovery, the more people who sign up, the faster the recovery   He is a lacrosse player at James River, and has overcome many obstacles throughout his high school career.

Strasser said,  “Harrison is a fighter. He has had to fight through tough obstacles pretty much his whole life from losing his dad as a kid, a concussion last year, and adversity in general.”

If you’d like to register or volunteer for this event, click this link: