Girls lacrosse players reflect on season

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By: Mikayla Grumiaux, Staff Writer

Though the spring season wasn’t everything the players hoped for, our girls varsity lacrosse team still managed to represent James River by bringing home multiple tough wins and embracing each other as a JRHS family. With two wins this season, one against Midlothian and the other against Cosby, these girls have made our school very proud to have them representing JRHS.

Senior Olivia Biaz, has been playing lacrosse for seven years now and is a major asset to the team.

Players usually have that one moment each season that always stays with them. Biaz shared hers and said, “When we beat Cosby 14-12.”

Juliana Vossenberg is a junior on the girls lacrosse team. Unlike many of the other sports here at James River, girls lacrosse does not get the same amount of attention and recognition. Vossenberg shared how she felt about the lack of support shown at their games.

Vossenberg said, “I wish people knew when our games were so that people would actually come.”

For freshmen Mary Hatch, it was her first year playing for James River, and her seventh year playing in total. Although she is one of the younger players, she has already made varsity and scored for them.

Hatch has enjoyed her first year on the team and she said, “I think that it is really fun and I like the people on the team.”

These girls have worked hard and diligently this spring. Some of these players have just begun being apart of this family, and for many others it is their last year playing for James River. They have all added so much spirit to our school throughout this season by being a part of the James River High School girls lacrosse team.