Seniors flood the River: Senior Takeover Day

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By: Meg Carroll, Staff Writer

On May 1st, at the end of Senior Spirit Week, more than 80 seniors participated in Senior takeover day. The senior class officers voiced their reflections and explained the entirety of the event.

“Seniors get to choose a teacher that they’ve had in the past or just admire, and work with them too–exactly like it sounds like–take over the class and do a fun lesson,” senior Jennifer Foliaco said.

Students were not limited to just working in the classroom. If seniors wanted, they could be incorporated into the routine of custodians, lunch ladies, and security officers. One senior, Benjamin Caracciolo, had the opportunity to do so.

“I took over the security officers…they’re more than just teachers at the school that have responsibilities, so it was really cool to walk around and see what someone else does at the school that isn’t just a teacher, but kind of a part of the administrative team and behind-the-scenes security,” Caracciolo said.

Although some seniors chose to take the “behind the scenes” route and view the school from a new perspective, most seniors decided to take part in the classroom. Senior Kathryn Thompson explained what seniors are allowed to do in classes.

“So depending on the teacher that you’re working with, sometimes you can do a fun different lesson plan, or go outside, or do a class game, or sometimes the teacher will make you actually try to teach one of the lessons that they’re working on; so it just depends on the teacher and what the difficulty of the class is and what they’re learning at that time,” Thompson said.

With SOLs, AP tests and final exams on the way, many seniors were able to try teaching since teachers wanted to stay on a course related to the lesson plan. Others were able to help teachers grade or simply enjoy spending time with peers.

“We talked about what they were learning about and we helped grade these paper things because they had mini quizzes and then we just played games with them, and I made cookies!” senior Kelli Rieck said.

Although classes were taught by seniors, the lessons were valuable since older students were able to convey their knowledge and give helpful advice to peers. The day was enjoyable for all. Foliaco points out, “it’s just kinda cool because you’ve spent four years being a student and then for this one day you get to be a teacher.”