Publications students inducted into Quill and Scroll Honor Society

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As the magazine sponsor, I am pleased to announce that at noon Friday, April 24th in the James River library, we inducted four of our staff and six of the yearbook staff into Quill and Scroll, the journalism and publications National Honor Society. This prestigious honor is available students who are at least a sophomore, are in the top third of their class, demonstrate journalistic excellence, are recommended by Ms. Sparre or myself, and are accepted by the Quill and Scroll Society. They received a certificate, member pin to wear on their graduation robes, and graduation chords. Please offer your congratulations to the following newly-inducted members:

The James River Current/blog staff inductees: Kerri Adkins, Sidney Davis, Maja Gabrielson, and Kendall Johnson.

The Rapid Yearbook staff inductees: Haley Jobe, Madison Howell, Tiara Edwards, Nicole Thomas, Abigail Gedeon, and Kayla Koch.

After a few remarks from principal Jeff Ellick, and the induction oath, the inductees and current members enjoyed a small reception with family and friends.

During the ceremony, Anna Davis, Editor-in-Chief of the Current, and Summer Schilling, Editor-in-Chief of the Rapid, were also honored by the sponsors for their considerable contributions with a special pin and tassel charm.