Students celebrate Happy Week

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By: Meg Carroll, Staff Writer

With warm weather here and more on the way, James River students are welcoming spring and the coming summer with open arms. To celebrate, Happy Week has been in full swing. This light-hearted time is focused on encouraging students to finish strong during the stressful end of the third quarter, and to help students make it to spring break.

The creative themes incorporated into Happy Week are: America Monday, Decades Day, Emoji Day, Holiday Day, and Denim Day. English teacher and SCA sponsor, Mallory Strittmatter, speaks about the themes.

“The Happy Week themes were brainstormed by the SCA officers and senators then approved by JRHS administration,” Strittmatter said.

The SCA board worked collectively to create a positive environment during a stressful time. They organized the theme days, scooter races, prizes, and contests. The board’s ultimate hope is to lift spirits and encourage students.

“Happy Week has a long history at JRHS. Originally, Happy Week was organized as a week-long charity drive for the organization, Operation Smile and to push through to spring break; however, since community service has become an integral part of our school, we shifted Happy Week’s focus to a more school-spirited approach, hoping to make people smile until spring break arrived,” Strittmatter said.

The school wide Happy Week activities have been a thoughtful and creative tradition throughout the years. All James River High School clubs, societies, and organizations have continuously had innovative ideas of how to include every student with the use of unique festivities.

“We simply just want to make JRHS an exciting place to attend school. We want people, students and faculty, to embrace this week so that it doesn’t just feel like another week at school,” Strittmatter said.

Happy Week has and will continue to be a cheerful time at JRHS. The SCA successfully achieves their goal to boost student’s perspectives, to support Rapid Pride, and to carry on traditions so that everyone can experience annual Happy Week festivities.