James River seniors raise money for diabetes awareness

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By: Melissa Rau, Staff Writer

On Sunday, March 22, senior Leadership students Jordan Richardson and Cole Withers held their Capstone event: Project RAD. This concert fundraiser at the Camel in downtown Richmond was created to raise money for the American Diabetes Association of Richmond.

“It’s R.A.D. Richmond Against Diabetes, and it was a concert brought together from A) our love of Richmond music and B) our desire to help out an organization that means a lot to both of us,” Withers said.

This event featured two acts, Nick Perea and Murphy’s Kids, which consisted of several James River alumni.The money made from ticket sales was contributed to donations to the organization. Richardson and Withers were able to raise over $1,000.

Challenges did, of course, come with preparing such a successful event. Richardson and Withers began their 100-hour planning process in May 2014, but the months leading up to the event were the most stressful.

“For a lot of the planning, we couldn’t really do it until like three months in advance because bands can’t book out so soon,” Richardson said.

Project RAD was enjoyed by the performers, audience, and creators, and was all for a great cause, proving itself to be a pretty “rad” project.