Freshman surprises James River by making varsity

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By:  Keeshawn Capers, Staff Writer

Freshman Thomas Jordan was the only underclassman this year to make the varsity baseball team. He is the starting shortstop and has been practicing and training vigorously to prepare for the start of the season to hopefully eventually  win the state championship. I sat down with Jordan to ask him about his expectations and goals for this years baseball team as they begin to get to know each other and start to build their overall team chemistry.

Q: How did it feel to be the only underclassman to make the varsity team and who do you feel had an important role in helping you achieve this big accomplishment?

Jordan: “It was an honor and really exciting for me, and I would say that my coaches and teammates push me and help me to get a lot better and really want the best for me and the team.”

Q: What do you hope to be able to achieve as a player and what are one or two things you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?  

Jordan: “I want to win the conference championship as well as states and I practice hitting and fielding for game-like situations, but in the end, I just want to improve as a baseball team and to just help the team by doing whatever they need from me.”

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from, and who do you feel helps you when you play?

Jordan: “I think that my dad helps me a lot when he tells me what things in the game I  did well ,and Derek Jeter because I model my game after him and I watch  him in order to help me improve on different techniques, and he plays the same position as me so I look up to him as a role model.”

Q: What is your role on the team and how much experience do you have playing baseball?

Jordan: “I’ve been playing baseball pretty much my whole life and my role on our team is to do whatever I can to help the team and to own up to my responsibilities on the field as the starting shortstop.”

Q: How are you doing transitioning from the JV Baseball team last year in eighth grade to this year’s varsity team, and what are some advantages and disadvantages of your transition?

Jordan: “I think everything is pretty neutral for the most part, but I do like the fact that I get to face better competition, which in my opinion, makes me better in the long run. This could also be my only disadvantage as well because everything goes up a level; players are bigger, stronger, faster, and much more athletic.”