Basketball teams: Season Overview

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By: Nicholas Gentry, Staff Writer

This season, the boys basketball team ended with a 11-15 record and the girls basketball team ended with a 5-16 record.  This is the story of their seasons.

During Winter Break, when the girls varsity basketball started the season, 29 student athletes took a trip to Florida, participated in a tournament, and spent time in Orlando theme parks.  The girls’ record at the tournament was two wins and one loss.

“I thought it went really, really well.  We lost a very close game to Auburn, Louisiana; first game, and then after that we played two games, in which we beat Boston and New York.  Basketball wise it went really, really well,” girls basketball coach Warren Kempf said.

Kempf said, “I think they really enjoyed the trip from a social standpoint as well.  They stuck together a lot.”

Coming out of the tournament, in the regular season the girls won against Dale twice and Bath County.  Despite their hard work, they had tough losses against Monacan, Midlothian, Alleghany, Huguenot, Manchester, Bird, Cosby, and Woodbridge.

The boys varsity basketball team also attended the tournament in Florida. They finished with a 1-2 record.

Nigel Lee, shooting guard on the team, is responsible for being on the wing and being ready to catch the ball and shoot, and penetrate the lane, or passing it out to the corner.

“It was a long trip.  It was good…It was good being with the guys.  It was good for the team playing against other teams outside Virginia and around the country,” Lee said.

Coming out of the tournament, in the regular season the team won against the following teams: Monacan, Midlothian, Dale, Monacan again, Midlothian again, Clover Hill, and Dale again.  The team lost against Wythe, Clover Hill, Mcluer, Cosby, Manchester, Bird, Wythe again, Cosby again, Glenvar, and Cosby again.  Three of the players on the team agree that the best game was senior night against Midlothian on February 6, 2015. James River won 64-59.

“There were a lot of people there and they were cheering really loud.  It was hype,” Lee said.

Quintrell Chung, Nygel Lee, Ryan Ott, Andrew Knight, Mohammed Diallo, Isaiah Christmas, Quinn Stevens, and Nolan Lipscomb were the seniors honored at the game.

Bryan Pinney is a junior on the team. He shared his feelings about the season.

“We did pretty good.  Yeah we did pretty good [this season]… but we lost a couple close games.  I think we exceeded expectations.  We were supposed to finish last, but we came in I think third in the region.  Um, I really like when we were like at home,” Pinney said.

Quintrell Chung agreed.

“We did well.  We had some tough games down in Florida.  I think the expectation was to win state championships like every year.  It would have been tough to do it, but I think we could’ve still done it.  I think I worked hard to make the best of senior year.  We played really well as a team this year and pulled together as the season went on,” Chung said.

After the season was over, Lee thought the team “exceeded expectations, but we didn’t exceed the expectations we set for ourselves which is to win state championship.”  Each year they’re getting closer and closer to state champions.