Snow days lead to additional 15 minutes

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By: Kayla Kirk, Staff Writer

Because of the number of snow days that we’ve had this year, 15 minutes have been added to the end of the instructional day by Chesterfield County. This started March 2nd and will go to April 30th.

By doing this, the 10 days that we missed, as well as the two hour delay on January 15th will be partially made up. The extension affected the entire school with after school activities going on later, jobs being affected and students getting home later.

“I dislike the new schedule because we get out of school later and nobody likes that,” sophomore Joelle Probest said.

Though the students are feeling it, 15 minutes doesn’t make that much of a difference to the daily schedule: 1st period is from 7:20-8:18, A.E.P. is from 8:23-8:58, 2nd period is from 9:03-10:27, 3rd period is from 10:32-11:56, Lunch is from 11:56-12:36, and 4th period is from 12:41-2:05. Multiple students have complained that this slight change has messed up their schedules, even though it’s only 15 minutes added to the normal school day, but some disagree.

“I’m fine with the extra 15 minutes, it really doesn’t change much. We’re in the bus loop still at 2:05 on a normal day, so it makes no real difference. They might as well have school end at 3:55 and end the school year around May,” freshman Nicki Hurst said.

Even though this change has disrupted many of the students’ schedules, leaving the rest not even noticing it, Chesterfield County’s decision to add 15 minutes will ultimately help the schools gain what they’ve missed because of the snow.