Month: March 2015

Teachers respond to additional 15 minutes

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By: Karla Llano Reyes, Staff Writer

Multiple missed school days due to snow led to an additional 15 minutes of school to all the Chesterfield County Public Schools by Chesterfield County.This new addition to the school day has given the students at James River High School something new to talk about, but the teachers also have opinions about this new change.

Some teachers don’t feel any different about adding 15 minutes to the school day.

“I didn’t have a strong reaction one way or the other; I felt fine about it,” English teacher Stephanie Hubbard said.

A few teachers think this was a good decision, because it will help them gain additional time to teach what students had missed.

“I think it has been a good thing to do,” science teacher Dalene Landes said. “It wouldn’t seem right if we didn’t do anything to make up for so much time.”

Some teachers think that the reason for the additional 15 minutes is because Chesterfield county is attempting to see how a slight change could affect the schools, since they’re planning on changing the schedule for the 2016-2017 school year.

“We have added time to the end of the school in the past so I feel like this is consistent.” Landes said.

The teachers thought that the idea of adding 15 minutes to school time was a good decision, but there were a few that thought other things could have been done.

“Other schools wouldn’t have this time available to them but I could see us pulling from AEP and lunch to put back into the academic schedule,” Landes said.

The 15 minutes added to school time has given students and teachers something to talk about, but we won’t have to get used to the extra 15 minutes since it will last through Thursday, April 30th.


National Art Honor Society runs Youth Art Month

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By: Carly Lester, Staff Writer

Every March is officially Youth Art Month, a month dedicated to the value of art and art education. James River’s National Art Honor Society took charge and participated in several events celebrating the arts.

“It’s just really cool to be able to share art with the whole school, which is what NAHS is all about. Youth Art Month, and all the activities that go along with it, are a great way to do that,” sophomore and NAHS member Sarah Morgan said.

The activities organized include painting small canvases to pass out to teachers and a new mural outside of the quad.

“We’re going to be having a gallery walk at the end of the month on Monday the 30th, and there’s going to be free food, live music, a ton of different art pieces; people are welcome to come anytime during lunch,” NAHS president Laney Spears said.

With all of the events that NAHS is doing during Youth Art Month, some students may become interested in joining the club for next year.

“Definitely [get into] contact with someone that is in the club itself, and show people [your portfolio]. You don’t necessarily have to be really skilled or anything, but if you’re interested, you should definitely think about applying,” Vice President of NAHS Benjamin Caracciolo said

If interested, applications need to be completed and submitted to Mrs. Bisogno in room 2501 by Friday, April 3. Tryouts are Thursday, April 16, and students must assemble five pieces of artwork. Current NAHS members will review the portfolios and conduct informal interviews.

Battling for the crown

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By Cana Wilson, Staff Writer

On Friday, March 13th, many of James River’s gentlemen gathered in the theatre to compete for the Mr. James River crown. The competitors showcased their talents by dancing, singing, playing an instrument and many other acts. The proceeds benefitted the John Titus Scholarship, and was Liz Candler’s Capstone project. The winner of the pageant was junior Noah Blevins, who twirled glow “strings” as his talent. Check out our photo gallery below!

A contestant played the French horn as his act.
A contestant played the French horn as his act.
mr james river judges
The judges of the night: English teacher Laura Stewart, former principal Mr. John Titus, and alum Aaron Kurz.
mr james river twirl
A competitor introduces his escort by twirling him around .


mr james river winner
The winner of the Mr. James River pageant, who performed with glow strings, shows his winning pride.
mr james river hosts
The emcees of the night entertain the audience with their numerous jokes.


Supporting a cause through laughter therapy

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By: Maegan Hall, Photo Editor

For his Capstone project, senior Rohan Aibara thought of doing a Comic Relief night. Aibara chose to support the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital after reading about laughter therapy and how it helps patients with cancer become more positive.

“I found myself reading the page for St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital about laughter therapy and how that’s used to help cancer patients there recuperate with some depression or even just helping them get by day by day. Laughter therapy is actually a form of medicine,”  Aibara said.

Comedians from Comedysportz Improv, Micah White, and Allen Lucas are scheduled to perform at the event. All the comedians are performing without pay to support the cause.

“I was thinking ‘I can get these people from Comedy Central  to come over and get some local comedians as well’ and then I slowly started realizing I would have to pay a lot of money for a lot of comedians. Being a comedian is a full time job. [It’s] hard because you don’t know when your next gig is and you don’t know how much you’re going to get paid. They are always looking out for a paid event and not many of them are willing to commit to a volunteering event, even if it is for a good cause because they don’t know if they’re gonna have another offer come up on the same date where they could get paid” Aibara said.

To help support St. Jude and support local comedians, come to the James River Theatre on Friday March 20th and Saturday, March 21st. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. both nights and costs $5 per seat each night. To get your tickets make a reservation at and pay for the tickets at the door.

Snow days lead to additional 15 minutes

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By: Kayla Kirk, Staff Writer

Because of the number of snow days that we’ve had this year, 15 minutes have been added to the end of the instructional day by Chesterfield County. This started March 2nd and will go to April 30th.

By doing this, the 10 days that we missed, as well as the two hour delay on January 15th will be partially made up. The extension affected the entire school with after school activities going on later, jobs being affected and students getting home later.

“I dislike the new schedule because we get out of school later and nobody likes that,” sophomore Joelle Probest said.

Though the students are feeling it, 15 minutes doesn’t make that much of a difference to the daily schedule: 1st period is from 7:20-8:18, A.E.P. is from 8:23-8:58, 2nd period is from 9:03-10:27, 3rd period is from 10:32-11:56, Lunch is from 11:56-12:36, and 4th period is from 12:41-2:05. Multiple students have complained that this slight change has messed up their schedules, even though it’s only 15 minutes added to the normal school day, but some disagree.

“I’m fine with the extra 15 minutes, it really doesn’t change much. We’re in the bus loop still at 2:05 on a normal day, so it makes no real difference. They might as well have school end at 3:55 and end the school year around May,” freshman Nicki Hurst said.

Even though this change has disrupted many of the students’ schedules, leaving the rest not even noticing it, Chesterfield County’s decision to add 15 minutes will ultimately help the schools gain what they’ve missed because of the snow.