Teachers expressed opinions on three lunch schedule

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By: Karla Llano Reyes, Staff Writer

The new lunch schedule that started on Monday, February 9th and ended Friday, February 13th didn’t just affect James River students. The teachers had many opinions about the new schedule as well.

Many teachers felt that there were understandable reasons that caused the change from O.N.E lunch to a three lunch schedule.

“Several problems caused this change. Trash, cursing, inappropriate behavior, noise, safety, students being disrespectful to adults in the building and teachers, [and] students not getting help from teachers,” Spanish teacher Tricia Stocks said.

There were teachers that thought that this new change was good because it would show the students that O.N.E lunch is a privilege.

“I think it’s going to be a good opportunity for the school community to reset our expectations about O.N.E lunch and how we use that time,” English teacher Stephanie Hubbard said.

Other teachers felt differently.They worried about not having time to eat their lunch in such a short period of time.

“I have been at James River when we had short lunch and it’s tough to eat in a short time period,” Stocks said.

Another teacher that didn’t like the new lunch system was World History teacher Melissa Compton. She felt “annoyed, mainly because of the time. Now my lunch is only 25 minutes long,” Compton said. She understood why the change occurred but she felt like it would be a problem.

Many of the students use O.N.E lunch to get help and finish up work that don’t take much time.The change didn’t allow students to go and ask for help anymore since classes would be going on at that time.

“Very few students come during lunch but they do come for help, especially for little things that don’t take up all A.E.P time,” Compton said.

Something the teachers did agree on the most is that the new change was something good for the students. However, the clubs that meet during lunch had been affected by the new lunch system.

“For example, it’s easier for freshman and sophomores who don’t drive to attend club meetings during O.N.E lunch. However I also agree with Mr.Ellick when he says that O.N.E. lunch is a privilege. I believe that it’s hard to appreciate a privilege when you have never known anything different,” Hubbard said.

Most students don’t use their lunch time like the they should be using it. The teachers also feel this way.

“I feel like students are not using their time wisely during the O.N.E lunch period.There’s positives and negatives.The students who do use it are with their teachers and using their time wisely.The students who don’t use it are getting into trouble,” Stocks said.

For some teachers, they thought that the students were beginning to develop some negative behaviors.

“I think that the fact that students took videos and that they were cheering, watching, encouraging the fight, those are all sort of signs of a mob mentality and signs that a culture was forming that we don’t want to encourage at James River,” French teacher Laurel Maughan said.

Many students think that lunch is a time period where they can do what they want, but since it is a privilege we still need to follow all the rules because we are still in school.

“At James River teachers and administrators work hard everyday to communicate the high expectations they have for our students,” Hubbard said. “When those expectations are not met, even by some students, something has to change in order to help all students make the right choices.”