O.N.E. Lunch seized from students

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By: Kayla Kirk, Staff Writer

“Immediately after the suspension of O.N.E. Lunch was announced, everyone I could see within my classroom reacted with either disgust or horror,” sophomore Emily Langston said

From February 9th-13th O.N.E. lunch had been temporarily taken away and was replaced with a new lunch schedule. There was three separate lunches, A lunch was from 10:25 to 10:50, B lunch was from 11:10 to 11:35, and C lunch was from 11:55 to 12:20. The new schedule had a major effect on all the things that occurred during O.N.E. Lunch such as clubs, making up work, remediation, and socializing with friends. Multiple students were angry about this and had a good feeling fights and the litter during lunch would still occur.

“This will only upset the student body. Our clubs will fall apart, and we have less time to talk and be with our friends, so we will be more obnoxious in class,” sophomore Sophia Foster said at the time.

There were many reasons as to why O.N.E. Lunch was taken away; for example, some fights, the recurring trash problem, abusing the use of cellphones, and the rise in foul language. O.N.E. lunch is a privilege and enabled students to have a lunch that allowed them to be with friends and eat without feeling rushed.

“I doubt this’ll last long; a lot of necessary stuff happens in our O.N.E. lunch, like remediation and being able to get makeup work. It also helps to be able to see friends and such,” sophomore Julia Moretti said at the time.

A majority of students knew this new lunch schedule would not be in effect for long considering how much occurred during O.N.E. Lunch. Many predicted that it would last for a week and they were correct, though this was due to the student body improving their behavior.