A Note from the Sponsor

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We thank our loyal blog readers for their feedback. We heard from you and know that you wanted to know what was going on with O.N.E. lunch in early February. Three of our staff writers were hard at work gathering the facts, experiencing the new schedule, and putting together three articles that express the varying viewpoints of our diverse school. Right as they were about to finish, O.N.E lunch was restored. Then, we got half a foot of snow and were snowed out for the week. But we felt this was still important to share with you.

We hope that you’ll still read and reflect on these articles, because even though the schedule changed for only a week, it had a visible effect on the school in regards to expectations and reflections of lunch behavior. The following three articles try to capture that feeling from the change through Mr. Ellick’s, the teachers’, and the students’ viewpoints. We apologize for the delay that prevented us from getting these to you sooner. Thank you for reading this and all our articles, and continue to share your feedback with us.