Investigating crime scenes at James River

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By: Allie Duncan, Staff Writer

James River offers Forensic Chemistry as an elective for juniors and seniors who are interested in science and want something new to explore.

Forensic Chemistry teacher Tara Brunyansky got her Masters degree in Forensic Chemistry from the University of Florida, and worked in downtown Richmond’s state forensic lab.

“I analyzed samples to see if they contained drugs, if it contained a drug I identified what drug was present,” Brunyansky said.

This course is best for people who like science, crime solving and mysteries. Students must have taken chemistry and passed the class to be qualified to take this as an elective.

“The material is challenging, little to no math, and [requires] critical thinking. For this class, you need to know trigonometry, chemistry, stoichiometry and dimensional analysis,” Brunyansky said .

Forensic Chemistry has unique experiments that are different from the typical chemistry classes such as extracting fake poison from a stomach, synthesizing aspirin, finding types of insects growing on a victim, and determining their time of death.

This this class will be available to rising juniors and seniors. Even though you may not be able to take it now, ask Mrs. Brunyansky for more information if your are interested in taking this course in the future.