Diving deeper into Sociology

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by: Cana Wilson, Staff Writer

Next year at James River, Social Studies teachers Bryan Hannum and Jeff Doyle will be teaching the Sociology class for their second year.

The class is full of many opinions and mainly directed by the students. There are a lot of discussions and the students work together.

“A lot of it happens fairly organically. About a third or more is driven by my students, either in their Topics projects or in suggestions from current and former class members,” Doyle said.

Doyle teaches the curriculum to the class by creating projects and making discussions for the students.

“I approach the course more as a guidebook to humans, and thus I try to include as much content that will actually help my students immediately and throughout their lives,” Doyle said.

Interested 10th through 12th graders can take the class but there is a recommendation sheet the students need to fill out.

“My class is very opinion driven and everyone needs to come in with an open mind ready and willing to participate.  We talk A LOT and read very relevant and interesting articles,” Hannum said.

If you are interested in learning about the class, you can find out more information by asking Hannum or Doyle.