Outdoor classroom needs seating

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By: Carolyn Costello, Staff Writer

In May of 2014, the outdoor classroom was dedicated to JRHS health and P.E teacher, Carrie Roarty. Teachers and students gathered together for the grand opening. Although the classroom is complete, there is only one thing that’s still missing; it needs seats.

The classroom was intended to be a perfect spot for students to complete schoolwork and spark new, creative ideas. However, due to the lack of seating, students are not able to use the outdoor classroom.

“We don’t use it enough. The school needs to have more activities out there. Plus there’s nowhere to sit. I don’t want to be standing the whole time,” senior Alex Hysell said.

People want to sit on something more comfortable than concrete. They want something that will keep them off the ground, like a bench or a picnic table. There are a lot of  procedures when picking the safest benches to put out there.

“There are a lot of protocols you have to go through before we get the right benches, making sure they’re waterproof and safe. Plus there isn’t a lot of room in the outdoor classroom. So we have to remember to get benches that are easy to move and that don’t take up so much space,” former Dean of Students Robert Gifford said.

After seeing the need of seats, sophomore Robert Siemers asked English teacher Meg Heyssel, the teacher in charge of the outdoor classroom, for permission to build benches for his Eagle Scout project. As of now, Siemers is in the process of getting benches for the outdoor classroom so students and teachers have a place to sit.

“It should be done around March or April, and my Boy Scout troop and I are putting on fundraisers so we can raise money to support this project. My Boy Scout troop and I are also building the benches too,” Siemers said.

So there will be benches out there soon, just in time for spring.